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Zimbra Converter – How to Export Data from Zimbra Mailbox

In today’s world, most businesses communicate with one another via email. This is your company’s most effective communication tool. Email is less obnoxious than a phone call, and it is also more convenient. You can run your company from almost anywhere. Because email is heavily used in your company’s communication processes, email migration is necessary. The best solution to export data from Zimbra mailbox is described in this blog. To convert Zimbra to Thunderbird, click the Download button to get the most reliable solution PCVITA Zimbra Converter tool.

Zimbra and Mozilla Thunderbird are both desktop email clients that only require a server connection to store and exchange data on their local computers. These are available for Windows, Linux, and Mac for free on the market. On the other hand, users are looking for a solution that will allow them to migrate from Zimbra to Thunderbird. Let’s take a look at some of the customer questions about switching from Zimbra to Thunderbird.

The Zimbra Converter’s Features are as follows:

The Zimbra Mail Converter tool makes it simple to export data from the Zimbra mailbox to a variety of email servers. Using this powerful tool, you can batch migrate Zimbra files with all of your items, such as email, contacts, tasks, notes, and other custom folders. It’s secure, safe, and simple to use. Try it right now!

Zimbra can be exported to a cloud server in the following way:

This is a sophisticated method for exporting single or multiple Zimbra TGZ files. Users can easily migrate their Zimbra emails from various cloud-based servers, such as Zimbra to Office 365, Zimbra to Gmail, and Zimbra to Yahoo!, using this method. You’ll appreciate the support for the direct migration of Zimbra TGZ emails from over 90 email clients. The task can be completed without the use of any additional software.

Large Zimbra mailboxes should be migrated:

zMigrator is a well-designed tool that can process large databases and export Zimbra mailboxes to other platforms. You can add as many files to the control panel as you want without worrying about their size. The tool has no size restrictions. You can quickly and easily export an unlimited number of Zimbra files.

Migrate your Zimbra mailboxes without losing any data.

Firstly, It’s critical to migrate your emails, contacts, and calendars without losing them when switching from Zimbra to another platform. As a result, our zMigrator utility ensures that emails are accurate to export data from Zimbra mailbox to another platform. After the conversion is complete, Zimbra Migrator will keep its original email properties.

Maintain your Zimbra mailbox’s folder structure.

All elements from your Zimbra on-premise server and Zimbra cloud server are easily transferred to multiple platforms using zMigrator. The software has an email folder hierarchy that includes Zimbra folders such as Inbox, Sent, Drafts, and Custom Folders (custom names) regardless of size when migrating from Zimbra mail to another platform or file format.

Emails from Zimbra with attachments can be exported.

The software uses emails with attachments, internet headers or email addresses (destination, CC, BCC, sender), email inline Pictures, emails, date), signature, and everything when converting Zimbra TGZ emails to other files formats. So make a copy of your Zimbra email, including any attachments.

Try the Zimbra Migration Tool for Free.

This is the best Zimbra Migrator Wizard on the market, according to many professional experts. We have provided a free demo version of the tool if you want to try it out before purchasing it. You can test the tool’s features and functionality by downloading it for free. The free version has a limit of 25 items that can be exported from the mailbox.

Reasons to Export Data from Zimbra Mailbox using Tool

  • This program converts Zimbra’s email, address, and calendar data to Thunderbird format. It also allows you to convert multiple TGZ files at once.
  • The tools are completely self-contain and can use without Thunderbird. On the other hand, you can view Zimbra email samples directly from the software panel without installing Zimbra.
  • If you’re thinking about going the manual route. Allow me to issue a warning here. First and foremost, there is no manual procedure. Even if you discover something that has the potential to corrupt or lose data. It’s also slow, and there’s no assurance that you’ll be safe.
  • The Zimbra to Thunderbird Converter is a trustworthy tool that consistently produces accurate results. There’s nothing else like it.
  • Users give the software a five-star rating for its user-friendly interface.
  • This is the most dependable and comprehensive utility for converting from Zimbra to Thunderbird. It includes a complete, reliable, built-in, batch-free conversion.
  • You will never have any problems with this software, whether you are a technical expert or not. This application is created with the user in mind.

The Final Word

We discussed the best method for migrating from Zimbra to Thunderbird. This is the quickest and simplest method of transferring files from Zimbra TGZ to Thunderbird. If you have a TGZ file from Zimbra, the software will convert it to a .mbox file (Thunderbird file extension).

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