Why Road Trips on Bikes are Better than Cars?

Are you a wanderlust? Do you enjoy the cold caress of wind in your hair? Do you feel like embracing nature on wheels? If you do, and you are planning a trip soon and are not sure about which vehicle to take, this blog is for you. Most people prefer to ride around Manali in the summers. If you are planning to do the same, you can get a bike on rent in Manali.  Keep on reading and we will clear your confusion about your vehicle preferences. Here are some reasons why you should prefer a bike over a car for a road trip-

  1. Lesser cost of fuel. This one is a no-brainer, bikes journeys are always more economical and eco-friendly. Bike journeys are not hard on your pockets and are easily affordable. If you are planning for a vacation, but holding back for the lack of finances; don’t worry, just hop on the bike and move as per your wish with a little planning of the routes and lodging. If you wish to move around northern India, you can get a bike on rent in Chandigarh
  2. Make new friends on the road- If you are planning a solo road trip, a bike journey is right for you. It gives you the freedom to explore and make new friends on the road. You will meet other bikers and maybe you guys can get together and explore new places together.
  3. No parking issue- Bikes can be easily parked anywhere, that is why most people prefer taking bikes over cars in heavily packed markets. Not only it makes your parking easier but also gives you the freedom to maneuver your way in traffic.
  4. Feel nature closely- Riding bikes give you unlimited view space of the nature around you. It lets you feel the fresh wind on your face, and calm your eyes with scenic views. Manali is the best place to visit during both summers and winters. You can get a bike on rent in Manaliand start your breathtaking trip.
  5. Be eco-friendly- Riding bikes can be both economical and eco-friendly. Its carbon emission is way less than a car. You can enjoy nature with a much less contribution to global warming through bike rides. You can get a bike rent in Chandigarh if you are planning to witness the beauty of northern India.

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Final Thoughts 

It is said that once you get a taste of nature in bikes, you will never be able to go back to car rides again. First of all, you don’t get a 360-degree view of nature in a car. Secondly, it restricts you to feel wind directly on your face. Thirdly, you have parking problems, so you sometimes cannot park in the middle of the road to dip your feet in the cold stream. The reasons can go on and on, but I think that you are convinced now. Get a bike on rent and live your dream journey ASAP!

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