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Why Do Google Reviews Matter for Small Businesses?

Everyone’s objective these days is to make their pleased consumers more delighted. However, most firms strive too hard when the solution is as easy as responding to consumer feedback. Did you know that every time you answer a comment, the reviewer receives an email notification?

It’s also just courteous. Our parents have always instructed us that if you receive a compliment, you must thank the person who gave it to you. You must apply the rule to your company in the same way that your parents taught you because even after, everybody treats your company as if it were another person. Isn’t it straightforward?

A real instance; An owner, who is a Google Local Guide, lately had the opportunity to witness this first-hand as he posted an evaluation for Austin City Taco Co.  They did a fantastic job replying, which prompted him to give some advice to other businesses on how to react to evaluations.

Internet assessments are important for online company success. So are reviews critical for internet businesses, and as a local company, word-of-mouth may only get you so far before you need to compete online.

The Result…

As a result, collecting online reviews and managing your SEO image should be a key component of your marketing strategy. Critical and good reviews are both responsible for affecting a consumer’s psychology. This helps them make smart decisions before making purchases. It’s simple to understand why SEO corporate reputation is at the forefront of the online review trend.

Consumers are reading internet reviews even in regards to offline transactions. About 68 percent of buyers are influenced by online reviews, and each unfavourable review on the first page of search results leads to driving away 10 to 20% of prospective new customers. The good news is that around 83 percent of internet evaluations are favourable, and positive ratings contribute significantly to brand visibility and sales.

Every internet-listed business needs to understand how reviews function and what they can do to protect their online image. Google is the giant in the field of internet evaluations.

That’s understandable, given that most people use their search engine to find companies, but Google reviews are now included among the other components of their company listings.

The extent to which Google outperforms other review sites is remarkable. People are nearly five times more likely to look to Google for a company review than they are to Yelp or TripAdvisor, the two other large competitors. Nevertheless, Google includes reviews from these sites into their company pages, so these other sites should not be overlooked.

In today’s post, we’ll go over all you need to know about Google+ evaluations & how they might affect your small business.

Where Can You Find Google Reviews?

Once you have at least five reviews, consumers will receive a “snapshot” of your average total evaluation rating on a five-point scale whenever they see your company name in their search results. They may examine the real text content of each review by clicking on this text link. Text excerpts of selective reviews will also display underneath this in the company listing sidebar for larger firms with a large number of reviews.

So, after Google has decided to include snippets of comments on your company page, how does it choose which ones to show? There are two main factors: the review’s quality as determined by Google, and the review’s popularity. The review’s usage of keywords being crucial on Google’s identification of the company in search results, the review’s actual score doesn’t appear to play a part, however, it’s likely that extreme reviews (one of five stars) may be scrutinized more closely by Google’s algorithm.

Can I Get Google to Remove the Negative Reviews?

Yes, you may report them for possible removal if they break Google’s review content rules. The reviews cannot, however, be deleted merely because you dislike them.

Even if you can get rid of a bad review, it isn’t necessarily a good business approach. When there are no negative reviews or when there is a significant disparity between good and negative ratings, consumers suspect censorship.

Do Google Reviews Have an Impact on My Page Rank?

The page rank algorithm at Google is a closely guarded trade secret that outsiders cant simply understand. However, we do know from anecdotal evidence that, while review score is likely to have a factor in where you rank, it is only one part of a bigger algorithm. There have been multiple instances where firms with lower overall review ratings outperform those with higher overall review scores and a similar number of total reviews. The overall number of reviews has a greater impact on page rank than that of the real average score.

Should You Be Concerned About Rivals, Trolls, Or Angry Customers Flooding You with Positive Reviews?

While not impossible, Google makes it so tough that it is usually worth anyone’s attention. A verified Google+ account is a must have for reviewers. Of course, they might be falsified, but they’d have to create a new account for each review, and Google has a filter that checks for things like several reviews from the same area and IP address.

Google does occasionally incorporate Yelp and TripAdvisor results in these ratings. But they’ve recently been de-emphasizing them in favor of Google+ user reviews. It’s worth noting that Yelp and TripAdvisor review rules may differ from Google’s. So if you want a problematic review from one of those sites removed, you’ll have to contact them directly.

Google Reviews Get Removed by Themselves. Do they?

Yes, however, the words are a little hazy. Because we’re back into their secret algorithm realm, we’ll have to make educated guesses based on anecdotal evidence. For instance, it appears that reviews from a few years ago are culled or filtered out. They do not immediately vanish after a certain period. Reviews have been known to mysteriously vanish for a while before reappearing for really no reason. As a result, it’s critical to keep encouraging people to send new evaluations.

Could I Include Positive Google Ratings on My Website?

Sure, and this is where things get a little complicated. Essentially, you must take a screenshot of the reviews you want to display and display them as an image. If you replicate the material verbatim, Google may flag it as plagiarized content and punish your search results.

Keep a close eye on the site for further information on how to manage your online reputation, & don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any queries or would want to learn further about professional marketing and design solutions from a top-rated digital marketing agency.

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