What does a professional cloud service manager training course teach you?


The application of IT in business is increasing rapidly. The overall environment shifts have given a rise to a trend of cloud computing. As a result, the professional cloud service manager certification has become extremely popular. It helps you to develop, design and deliver cloud services effectively. Let’s take a look into what the certification teaches you and who it’s for!

What does a PCSM Certification involve?

If you’re an individual who is keen on working in the cloud industry, then PCSM is essential for you. The PCSM certification is a token of credibility that’s attached to your portfolio. It indicates that you have complete control and mastery over cloud-based systems, applications and processes. During this certification you are taught:

  • The essentials of cloud service management
  • Basic terminology related to cloud-based service management
  • The method to analyze an organisation’s strategic asset and capabilities for designing, deployment, and running cloud services
  • Comparison of relationships between a cloud provider and cloud consumer
  • The difference between the risks and benefits of adopting a cloud-based strategy
  • Producing cloud adoption strategies
  • Strategies to reduce risk and remove the issues related to cloud-based services
  • Outline of what a cloud marketplace is and how it functions
  • Benefits of cloud systems, their risks, and DevOps issues in an IT organisation

Hence applying for a professional cloud service manager certification is most beneficial for you. Several online institutes have the option of opting for this certification. They provide assistance in learning and help you acquire the certification with flying colours. 

Who is PCSM for?

The certification involves learning a lot of complex IT processes and the intricacies of cloud systems. It is suitable for IT managers and CIOs essentially. However, apart from these individuals, you can also opt for this certification if you’re a service manager, service management professional cloud strategy or management consultant, service architect, technical presales consultant, or an IT professional.

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What other certifications are beneficial?

In case you do not have a specific background in IT but are looking for a career switch, we recommend going for DEVASC. This course helps you acquire a Cisco certified Devnet associate certification. DEVASC basically refers to Developing applications and automating workflows using cIsco Core v1.0. It trains you and helps you gain hands-on experience in security, collaboration, organising workflows and cutting infrastructure through Cisco Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). To be eligible for this certification you need basic computer literacy, PC operating system navigation skills, internet usage skills and hands-on experience with a programming language like Python.  

Several such courses are offered by online institutes. Courses like the Cisco certified Devnet associate certification enhance your CV. It enables you to open up new opportunities for yourself. We recommend trying out DEVASC and PCSM to boost your career. Select one of the best online institutes as they have comprehensive training programmes. These help you to develop all the skills you need to be professional. Go online and check out the different options available for your career today!  

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