What are the Benefits of Taking Medicare Advantage Plans?

If you are approaching the age of 65 or have just turned 65, you must be wondering that now you will qualify for government benefits. After a certain period, you can benefit from various health options like Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage plans.

However, knowing the difference between the two plans is necessary. Original Medicare plans consist of two parts: Part A and Part B. Part A covers hospital expenses. In contrast, Part B covers the fee for doctor visits and medical expenses like tests and preventive screenings.

Medicare Advantage plan is known as Part C, which contains all the facilities. This plan is an alternative to the Original Plan. In the Medicare Advantage Plan, benefits of Part A, Part B, and Part D exist. Part D covers the fee of prescribed drugs.

Some people prefer Medicare Advantage Plan Over Original Medicare because of a few extra benefits that it provides. Some of the benefits of the security health Medicare Advantage plan are as follows.

Medicare Advantage Plan Helps You Save Money

Medicare Advantage plans are beneficial as they help the members save money. When we say such plans help save money, we mean a lot of money. When you take Original Medicare Plans, you have to pay about 80% of the expenses, but if you consider taking Medicare Advantage Plans. You will be shocked to know that you will only have to bear 20% of the expenses.

It is why most people prefer Medicare Advantage Plans as the Medicare Beneficiaries are only responsible for less than 20% of the doctor visit. Moreover, Medicare Advantages Plan only ask you to pay a limited out-of-pocket amount. It means that after reaching the limit, medical services pay the additional expenses. It means that Medicare Advantage plans help you save thousands of dollars, especially if hospitalization is involved.

Medicare Health Advantage Plan Covers Dental, Hearing and Vision Expenses

A great benefit of Medicare Advantage that sets it apart from the Original Medicare is that it Covers dental, hearing, and vision expenses. You will not find these benefits in Original Medicare Plans. Moreover, another advantage of the Advantage plan is that it includes Part D. It means that the patients will not have to pay an additional amount for prescribed drugs. However, in Original Medicare, the members sign that they will have to pay for other expenses and Part D.

Medicare Health Advantage Plans Focus on Providing Health and Wellness

Health coverage plans should focus on keeping your health their priority. Therefore, when you join the Medicare Advantage plan, you see that you can avail of it worldwide. However, if you go for the Original Medicare Plan, you will only get health services in the United States.

Moreover, while selecting a health care plan, you should know the Medicare Advantage plan focuses on the overall wellbeing of the patients. They offer various benefits to improve the health of the patients without taking additional cost. Such benefits include the cost of over-the-counter medicine and gym membership etc.

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