What are screen repairing and replacement charges for major brands?

Have you ever dropped your phone by mistake? Or perhaps your keyboard left a significant scuff mark on the screen? This means that if your phone’s screen must be fixed, you should be financially prepared to incur a loss of a few thousand rupees. Further, as we have moved to more aesthetically pleasing but less durable near-bezel-free displays, the cost of screen replacement, as well as the likelihood of screen damage, have both grown. 

But to fulfil this need, it is now possible to get mobile insurance for Apple, Samsung, and other well-known brands to reduce the cost of a screen replacement with new screens. 

When your phone’s screen gets shattered, it’s a heartbreaking experience. In terms of price and fragility, the display on smartphones is the most expensive and most susceptible to damage. And even with those gorilla glasses or tempered glasses, it just takes one fall at an incorrect angle to cause serious injury. You begin to question why you did not get the available insurance for Apple.

Repair shops in your neighbourhood can also replace your screen for a charge. Nowadays, mobile repair shops can be found in every nook and corner of any city. While the cost of screen replacement they charge is often more affordable, the goods they sell are of lower quality.

Low-quality, low-priced goods are frequently used by them. Furthermore, they do not give any warranty or guarantee for the work that has been done on your vehicle.

You are likely to encounter the following difficulties while seeking their service:

Products of poor quality

There is a good chance that they will use low-quality items to con you out of money. The cost of screen replacement would be less, but they might trick you into thinking they’re using genuine parts.

Professionalism is lacking

certainly your neighbourhood repair business lacks a sense of professionalism. You’d have to put up with all of these annoying peculiarities, from a lack of regard for your time to their entirely ignoring you.

There is no warranty or guarantee

They do not offer any warranty or guarantee since they use low-quality components.

Replacement charges for major brands

Moreover the cost of screen replacement with an original will set you back thousands of rupees, with prices varying from brand to brand.

Below is an approximate price of some of the more well-known brands:

Samsung Galaxy —ranges from Rs. 3500 for cheaper models to Rs. 30000 for high-end models.

Xiaomi Redmi—ranges from Rs 2000 for cheaper models to Rs 7000 for cheaper models.

Apple iPhone–-ranges from Rs 15000 for cheaper models to Rs 35000 for high-end models.

OnePlus–ranges from Rs 7000 for cheaper models to Rs 18000 for high-end models.

Vivo Smartphones range from Rs. 1000 for cheaper models to Rs. 8000 for high-end models.

It would help if you considered purchasing the Mobile Screen Insurance from Bajaj Finserv, which is available through the company’s lending arm, Bajaj Finance Limited, to reduce the financial burden of the cost of screen replacement. You’re covered against all kinds of accidental and liquid damage with 100% cashless protection. Additionally, you won’t have to stress about the cost of screen replacement because it will be from the original manufacturer.


The displays of mobile phones are not immune to harm. It is most commonly caused by inadvertently dropping the phone. After that resulting in a cracked or fissured screen, which can significantly impair the device’s ability to work properly. Consumers can now get mobile screen insurance from Bajaj Finserv to protect their devices and themselves from unexpected costs. This insurance for Apple or other devices can be used to both secure their devices and protect themselves from unanticipated changes in the form of the cost of screen replacement.

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