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Website Functions for Business You Should Know!

Website Functions for Business You Should Know! – Website is a collection of pages that are in one domain and contains information that can be read and viewed by internet users. The information contained in a website generally contains text, illustration images, videos, to sound.

Examples of websites that are most commonly used by people around the world today are Google, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and so on. These websites have different styles and purposes, but they are still internet pages that provide information to the public at large.

In this article, the Amsa Studio team will not discuss in detail the definition or history of the website. This article will focus more on the function of the website for a business or company.

We think that currently many business people still don’t really understand the importance of a website for the business they are developing. Although it’s not wrong, but when you can understand the function of the website for your business then directly or indirectly the business has the opportunity to be able to grow bigger than before.

Website As Your Business Identity

If you are interested in expanding your business into the digital world, then all you need to do is have the right digital marketing strategy. But the first thing you have to do is build your business identity digitally.

The identity we mean in the previous paragraph is very specific, namely digital identity. One of the most important website functions in the digital world is to build an identity. The so-called identity, of course, must have a name and form that can be viewed or accessed online.

Almost the same as humans, websites also need a name to be easily accessed by the wider community. The name on a website is generally called a domain. This domain will later be the address of your business website.

For example, let’s say your business is Amsa Studio, then you can just use a commonly used domain such as .com, .co, .id, .net, and so on. The use of the back of the dot (.) can also indicate the identity of the form of your website, to where your website came from.

Website Functions As A Place To Sell

The development of communication technology is currently making it easier for people to find information or certain needs. Cellular devices or computers are no longer only limited to telecommunications media, but have become an extension of ourselves in another world called the digital world.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many business people take advantage of this situation to improve their business performance. It was as if they had opened an outlet or shop along with its contents, but this time it was only in two dimensions.

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In short, business people create a website that functions as a place to sell their products. Similar to physical stores, website-based online stores can also provide facilities in the form of product displays, sales transactions, and virtual communication.

Website as a Promotional Media

As we said earlier, a website must contain information in various formats. In essence, the content on a website must be content that can be understood by others, both broadly and specifically.

When your business already has its own website, you can share important information or information about promotions that you want to disseminate to the public. With this promotional media, your chances of getting a wide range of customers will be easier.

For example, if you’re make a promotion about jasa pembuatan website in Indonesia, you can insert a pop up image on your home page. Then, your traffic will notice very well about your promotion.

Even if you’re gonna make ads from google with keyword laptop 5 jutaan, you still need the website to redirect from ads to your site.

Besides being easy, using a website as a promotional looks like almost free because you don’t have to pay anything. Unlike when you have to put up a big billboard in front of your company. Of course you have to pay taxes for that information.

Website Functions To Increase Brand Awareness

Websites do not only have practical functions as we mentioned above. More than that, it turns out that another website function is able to increase brand awareness of your business. Why is that?

when people see your business has an official website or website, in general they will think that your business is much more professional than a business that does not have a website. But it also depends on the domain you will use.

For example, you use a free domain like or, and so on. People will think that your website is a fad or unprofessional website. Therefore, we recommend that you use a premium website such as .com, .id, .co, .net, etc.

In addition to the domain, the design on your website is also very influential on the assessment of potential customers. This goes back to the value of your business professionalism.

The worse the website design you have, the more distrustful of potential customers will be to your business. In contrast, when the design on your website is better. People tend to appreciate it more and can become your hot buyers.

To be able to get a good website design, you can use professional website creation services from Amsa Studio. We have experience in creating dozens of websites with various business or business backgrounds. For more information, please click on the whatsapp icon at the bottom left of this website.

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