Ways to Verify the Genuineness of the Packers and Movers

Packing and moving is a big responsibility and with it comes a lot of problems that you would like to settle before moving in. Having a good support system is as important as doing proper arrangements. This is why, it is so important to have professional packers and movers while moving. Especially if you are going for intercity shifting. But how will you find a good mover among all others? That is a very stressful question which needs proper assessment from your side.

Getting a good moving company is not just enough for loading and unloading but also necessary for ensuring the safety of your belongings. Many people often focus on getting cheap and affordable services and don’t pay much attention to the reliability or professionalism of the movers. Later, when it is time to move, they come across a lot of problems and end up having a bad taste in their mouth. To avoid such issues while moving, you must ensure that you get genuine companies to assist you throughout the move.

If you are looking for genuine packers, then there are a few key factors that you must look out for. Before hiring any company, look at these tips that will help you with the further procedure. Have a look at them.

How to Find Genuine Packers and Movers

Take Written Quotes

When you have to buy anything, do you do so without getting the bill? Then how can you settle for verbal quotes while hiring packers and movers. Companies provide a variety of services, for which the packers and movers cost may range from low to high. Several times, people are given lower verbal quotes but when it comes to action, the rates start going up. This can irritate you and put you in financial jeopardy.

To avoid such issues in the future, you need to take the written quotes from the logistics companies that you approach. When you get the cost, whether high or low, ensure that there are no hidden costs involved in the bill. In case, you are getting low estimate in the beginning, then it will be best to clear things with the movers and packers if there are any other charges that will come your way.

Once you shortlist the companies, get their quotes in written so that, you can compare it with others and then decide on which company you are finally going to settle with. Not over the phone call, or verbally, make sure you get the estimates in the written form only, with the break-up price.

Don’t Hurry while Making Selection

The market is full of packers and movers from Hyderabad to Pune. So, you won’t have to worry about running out of options. Never fix the first-moving company that you come face to face with. Just take your time to go through all your options. Set criteria for the selection. It is not a grocery item available in the market, but a service that will go a long way ensuring that you relocate smoothly. If you cannot trust your things with a stranger, then how can you pick a random mover for the task.

For selecting the right mover, you will have to run thorough research. Start by shortlisting at least 3 moving companies from the options you have. Get to Google, and start searching your options there. Here, you can check their reviews, ratings, run a background check, etc. On Google you can also ask for references. Don’t forego the complaints or negative remarks posted by other customers here. Doing everything to transport your things through safe hands is what you must do. The perfect moving company will do that for you and lessen your burden to a great deal. This can be a big task and once you make the decision carefully, things will become easier henceforth.

Avoid Low-cost Movers and Packers

Going out to find movers and packers, you will be flooded by varieties of them. People often fall in the trap of low-cost movers, but that will only worsen the process for you. You need to avoid it at all cost. While selecting the movers, stay clear of those who quote exceptionally low rates. It may seem like a good luck but as the moving date nears, you will see how far from the truth it is.

When you are getting the quotes, try and get the price break up, this makes the quote transparent. The professional companies charge you for the packing materials, loading, and unloading facilities as well. Those who quote below the bar may compromise in the packaging or less labor. Eventually, you will have to pay for it in the wrong way. Some may quote low, but may start causing troubles as the moving date nears.

To avoid such trouble at the last minute, you must make the right choice. Even if this costs you a little extra, you must take care it while selecting the right candidate. Hire responsible moving companies will ensure that you get timely shifting, and assure safe relocation. Once you sign the deal, you won’t have to worry about anything.

Check the Company’s Credentials

You got the reference, you hire them immediately, without running a background check on them can be very wrong. As the moving date nears, you will see how things start taking a wrong turn. A responsible and reliable moving company is what you want for the move. One whom you can blindly trust to make an appearance on time, and trust with your belongings.

To ensure their authenticity, you will have to dig deeper. Start by checking their credentials. Like for instance, license number, government authorization is very important. Having a government stamp on a piece of paper speaks a lot about the company. So, as a final step, you need to do proper verification and if possible, visit the company personally and have a talk with them on one-to-one. This is a time-consuming affair, but you will see that you will be much relieved after that. After all, safety of your belongings can be assured in these ways only.

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