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Ways to Use Wood in Your Custom Luxury Home in Dallas

We’ve mostly seen wood being used as tables and floors in most custom homes. But, you’d be surprised to know about various other ways you can incorporate wood in your custom home. 

Whether you’re more into a contemporary style, rustic style, or even an antique style, luxury home builders Dallas will help you give you the style you want in your custom home.

In today’s post, we are going to tell you ways you can use wood in your custom home in Dallas.

Wooden paneling

Thinking if wooden paneling is outdated? You’re totally wrong. 

Wooden paneling gained popularity during the 20th century and is now making a comeback. Wooden paneling is going to help increase the aesthetic value of your custom home and is also going to change the entire look of your space. 

There are numerous styles and designs you can choose from, but sleek geometric wood paneling is totally in demand these days. 

You can pair geometric wood paneling with wooden floors, and create a more enhanced contemporary look. Now, apart from the aesthetic appeal and decorative purpose of wooden paneling, you’re going to benefit from far better insulation. 

This is because this wooden paneling is going to add an extra layer of insulation to your custom house, leaving it warmer during the winter season.

Wooden blinds

Willing to add a more modern touch to a space in your custom home? Well then, replace your old curtains with wooden blinds. 

One can never go wrong with wooden blinds- they’re sleek and stylish in design, easy to use, and even easy to clean and maintain.

You will also benefit from far better natural lighting entering your custom home, which is going to totally change the atmosphere inside. There are different types of wooden blinds you can choose from, such as horizontal blinds, vertical blinds, and roller blinds, to name a few. You can go for any finish and style you want.

Wooden separating wall

Looking for a cost-effective and stylish partition for your custom home? Look no further- wood is going to help you with that. 

Now, we aren’t talking about just solid wooden walls, buy wooden designs that are going to help you set a partition in any area of your house- be it a divider to divide your drawing and dining room, your kitchen and lounge, and so on. Here’s a good idea you can use- use vertical planks and ask your contractor to create a look by attaching them by leaving space between these planks.

Salvaged wood wall

Are certain walls in your custom home feeling empty, and need something to fill in with? Then, create an eye-catching and out-of-the-ordinary salvaged wood wall, by making use of recycled wood. 

The best part is, this is going to be eco-friendly, as you’ll be recycling pieces of wood to create an aesthetic wall. A salvaged wood wall is undoubtedly timeless and can give a rustic look to any space. Trust us, each recycled wood is going to tell a story of its own. 

Wooden ceiling

Wooden flooring, wooden walls…but, wooden ceilings? Yes, you read that right. 

Wooden ceilings are now a favorite of interior designers. Wooden ceilings are going to bring warmth and elegance to your space. 

Moreover, there are numerous designs and styles you can choose from- vertical designs, sleek geometric patterns, and so on. 

Apart from this aesthetic appeal of wooden ceilings, these are going to be an excellent source of insulation for your home. Because wood is a natural insulator itself, it is going to help keep your home warm even in the coldest seasons. 

You won’t need to keep the heat turned on all day long to keep yourself warm anymore. 

Rustic wood lighting fixtures

Do you still have the same old glass chandeliers hanging in your home? Then, it’s time to let go of these hanging lights, and replace them with wooden lights. 

As mentioned before, wood has the ability to bring warmth and elegance to any space. Because chandeliers are usually hung in the middle of any room or area, they are generally the center of attraction for any viewer. 

So, feel free to go all out on your wooden lights. Choose from unique designs, finishes, and textures to help bring out the rustic feels of your custom home.

Wooden decoration pieces

Now is the time to introduce some aesthetic and art pieces made from wood into your custom home. Why always get your hands on china and glass decorative pieces? 

There are countless designs and styles of wooden sculptures and artifacts you can get your hands on. They will definitely be the centerpiece of your space. The best part is, you can even have a DIY session and make a wooden art piece yourself.

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