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Water Geyser With Up to 15 Litres Capacity For Your Bathroom

Water geysers save you from the chilly water of the winter months that are not suitable for bathing. Heating up water for bathing is a troublesome procedure, aside from being time-consuming. Additionally, you cannot just heat up enough water on your gas or induction stove to suit all your purposes. Therefore, the product you are looking for is an online geyser. Price, although affordable, will not be the primary criterion when you look at the specifications of these appliances. Since these products have PUF insulation, the water can stay warm for a long period so you do not have to turn on the geyser again in some time. Loaded with safety features, these gadgets quell your fear of accidents arising from water leakage. Soothe your feet in warm water after a long day’s work or do your dishes comfortably—these geysers are an all-purpose companion. Shop at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store and get access to the best geyser (15 ltr) price.

Which are the Best Water Geysers Within 15-Litre Capacity?

The selected capacity covers both the categories that geysers are divided into, based on capacity. The more the capacity of the geyser, the better storage it can provide. In other words, water geysers that have capacities that are upwards of 5 litres tend to be fitted with a storage unit that can store water for later use. Let us now look at a few geysers that you can buy for your bathroom to make life easier.     

Bajaj New Shakti:

There is hardly a more affordable branded water heater that offers better overall performance than the Bajaj 15 litre geyser. Price of this model hovers around Rs. 7,000 for 15-litre storage, which makes for an excellent purchase. Equipped with a 2 KW heating element, the geyser can heat your water in minutes so that you can get ready for work in no time. The Incoloy heating element is long-lasting so that you do not have to bother about repairing or replacing the product. Additionally, since the geyser has considerable storage, you can draw a leisurely bath to wash off tiredness after a long, tiring day. The IPX4 waterproof technology of the geyser makes sure that rust does not form on the inner surface of the product. Thus, it can safely be said that you are paying a fair geyser (15 ltr) price for the level of hygiene maintained by the geyser consistently.         

AO Smith New Green Series:

Armed with diamond glass lining, these geysers make sure that you can forget about all your worries regarding maintenance. The anode rod in the geyser is long-lasting, thus giving you a faithful service and not letting you down when it matters the most. The inner body of these geysers come with a 7-year warranty, while the glass-coated elements come with a total of a 4-year warranty.         

LONGWAY Xolo Gold:

The ZPR technology employed in these geysers make sure that the heating process is efficient. Thus, you get your hot water in a reasonable time, and the superior insulation in the product preserves the temperature of the water. The geyser (15 ltr) price thus seems like an excellent price for the LONG WAY Xolo Gold, considering its sleek looks and premium performance. The water flow control features give you the freedom to regulate the use of water and use it optimally.         

Crompton Arno Neo:

The polymer coating and the rust-free features make the Crompton Arno Neo perfect for your bathroom. The two indicator lamps help you understand when the water is ready for use. The three-level safety features provide you with complete safety from shocks and other electric hazards. The Single Weld line helps prevent leakage of water that can otherwise be lethal. The Crompton Arno packs all these features within a reasonable geyser (15 ltr) price, which makes the deal sweeter for the users.         

Faber Glitz:

The temperature control dial in this appliance puts the control in your hands and enables you to get the desired temperature of the water. The geyser has a Quadro Layer Enameled Coated Tank, which makes it a sustainable purchase geyser 15 ltr. Additionally, the geyser is armed with a powerful heating element, on which you get a 2-year warranty. Therefore, you can use this product with confidence and enjoy the hot water for your household chores and bathtime.

Buy your geyser from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store and enjoy amazing discounts. During the festive season, you get cashback coupons on your purchase that help you make additional savings. Apart from that, the No Cost EMI feature on the EMI Store empowers you to make your purchase without compromising on quality. Use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card and purchase your favorite model in interest-free monthly installments.

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