Types of Double Pipe Heat Exchangers

Double Pipe heat exchangers can be classified depending on the stream bearing.

Equal stream and the counter stream can be conveyed in these trades, and everything revolves around the place of bays and outlets.

Picking the equal and counter stream influence the hotness move and the tension drop in the framework, by the way in some application you ought to pick one from the other.

Counter Flow Double Pipe Heat Exchangers

The best plan for a Double Pipe heat exchanger is a counter stream.

In this example, the hotness exchanger has the ideal hotness move coefficient and would cold or hotness the power source as we are able to want.

Figure 2 represents the place of the deltas and outlets.

As it is displayed in this kind, the streams stream the other way of one another, and toward the end in the two heads.

We have the most extreme temperature distinction between liquids. Inspect the graph for the counter stream and consider liquid 1is hot and liquid 2 is cold.

Cold side temperature at the power source (T2out) can get temperatures near the T1in, and as we probably are aware, this temperature is more prominent than T1out.

In this kind, the block liquid temperature can arrive at more than the hot side outlet, while in the equal one, it is incomprehensible.

Equal Flow Double Pipe Heat Exchangers

Equal stream is the sort that the gulfs and outlets are in one head.

Heat move is not exactly the counterflow, and the effectiveness is low; be that as it may, in certain applications, we ought to pick this sort.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Double Pipe Heat Exchangers

Double Pipe heat exchangers have perhaps the most direct plan, and therefore, they are not difficult to be manufactured and fixed.

Every one of the gadgets enjoys a few benefits and detriments, and here we will show you on the off chance that the Double Pipe heat exchangers are reasonable for your application or not.

Benefits of Double Pipe Heat Exchangers

This kind of exchanger enjoys a few remarkable upper hands over other convoluted hotness exchangers. 

The fundamental advantages of Double Pipe heat exchangers are recorded underneath:

You can give great effectiveness lower capital expenses.

They are little contrasted with the shell and tube and needn’t bother with much space for upkeep, while the hotness move is satisfactory.

As they are extremely famous, every one of the parts has been normalized, and it makes the maintenance and upkeep exceptionally simple.

They have an adaptable plan, and other expansion and expulsion parts should be possible without any problem.

You can utilize this sort of exchanger at high tension and temperature.

The plan of the exchanger permits more warm development with no extension joint.

Weaknesses of Double Pipe Heat Exchangers

You ought to know about the blemishes of this kind and its plan, for example,

Cross-flow heaters are a great choice for low-hotness applications because they can’t be used in high-temperature streams.

They have some limitations when it comes to moving hot fluids though.

So if your application requires very fast heating or cooling rates then this type of heater might not work well with what you need!

Spilling is all the more regularly in this kind (matched with more units)

Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Design

The plans should be possible by straightforward hotness move condition as underneath:

Where: Q=UA△T lm

Q is the hotness move rate between liquids, U is the hotness move coefficient in the framework, An is the outer layer of the hotness move, and\bigtriangleup T_{lm}△Tlm is the log mean temperature (can be determined knowing the temperature of the channel and outlet of liquids).

By realizing the necessary hotness move region, we can pick the width and length of both internal and external lines.

Eventually, the length of the straight part and the number of twists can be chosen.


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