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Top 5 Money-Saving Tips for Your Next Home Move

It’s not a bad time to save money. We understand that the most important concern when hiring professional movers is the price. So, we have put together a few simple tips to help you save money on your next move.

Time is the most important factor in saving money on moving expenses. Local moves are usually charged per hour so any way you can cut down on how long your movers take to get there will save you money.

These are some of the helpful tips we have for saving money and time on your next move.


Be truthful with your moving company

When you are setting up a move with professional moving companies, it is crucial to be accurate. Although you may feel that it is okay to leave out some details about your move when you get your estimate or book a move with a professional moving company.

In the end, it can cause your move to take more time and cost more than what was originally estimated.

Also, you may be wondering How Big a Moving Truck Do I Need? So you can get help from your moving company about that too.

If you are working with a moving company to prepare your moving estimate, make sure they have as much detail as possible. This will allow them to accurately prepare for your move. You may need to give more information about your belongings, such as large items, how many boxes you have, or how big your house is. This will help them adjust on the day.


Take apart all furniture and beds

Although it is not required, movers can help you disassemble and reassemble beds and furniture at most of our locations. However, it will save you time and effort if you do it yourself. It is important to disassemble items before they can be loaded onto a truck. This will save you time and reduce the amount of time the moving crew spends at your house.


Reduce costs wherever possible

There are many ways to reduce your move expenses if cost savings is a priority. You can bring your equipment if you intend to keep the same phone number and internet service. You can pack your belongings and schedule a time for utilities to stop paying for the time you are not there.

Also, cancel or forward any news and magazine subscriptions and be prepared for when the movers arrive.

You should not only cut costs directly related to the move but also indirect costs. While it may seem tempting to go out for lunch or do quick sightseeing while you are in transit, these options can be more expensive than buying sandwiches or playing board games at the hotel.


Organize all your belongings

A central place is a great way to save time and cut down on the amount of work involved in organizing your belongings. You can have this central location in the living room, garage, or anywhere else. However, it will reduce the amount of time that the movers spend going through your home. A central location will make it easy for them to move quickly between your home and the truck.

Be ready

Be prepared. All moving experts agree that good planning is the best way to move day. It will reduce any last-minute changes and save you time.


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