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Top 5 Bi tools Your Business Needs Today

Running a small business itself is a challenging role for an owner to ensure that he remains occupied all the time. At the initial stage, he has to involve himself in multiple roles, which leaves no time for some important tasks.

But what if I told you that by using some business tools, you could simplify a lot of your tasks? Yes, when technology is present, then simplification of tasks becomes easier. All you have to do is pick the right type of Bi (business) tool and start working on tasks as usual.

Not only will the Bi tools save you time, but they will also make a variety of tasks easier. Here, I am sharing the top 5 types of tools to escalate it to the next level.

1) Bi Tools for Task Management

Task management is one of the crucial Bi tools for any firm. This is because business owners and employees have numerous tasks to perform on a daily basis.

It’s not possible to track all of them manually, especially when workers are working remotely. In that case, using a task management business tool is the right idea.

You can use Trello for this to manage your and your employees’ tasks in your company.

2) Automated Email

How many times will you continue to write a mail to the sender, copying and pasting? Well, too much effort is needed for this.

Rather than doing so, you can use email automation Bi tools to generate a series of automated emails.

It will send automated messages to your targeted audience without costing you much time and effort.

3) Chatbot

Chat bot

It consumes too much time interacting with customers online.

If you have a number of customers, then this is going to be a hectic time to respond to them.

Why not set up a chatbot such as collect. chat to automate interaction between your business and them?

It’s another time-saving method that will even build a strong relationship with customers.

4) Scheduling Tool for Social Media

If you have just started working on your business, then there are plenty of things left to learn and do.

One of them is how to run your social media pages efficiently.

It would be better to get your hands dirty with social media scheduling tools like Socialpilot.

They will facilitate posting for you.

At any time, you just have to save your post there and the tool will automatically upload it to your social media handles.

5) Meeting Planner

If you often conduct meetings in your company but the client’s time is not flexible, you can use a meeting scheduler.

It automates the meeting setup process at a mutually agreeable time.

Wrapping Up

So now you know the right type of Bi tools to incorporate into your business. It’s time to put some effort into learning them so that you can do things easily without any hassle. These tools will help your team members work flexibly toward timely goal accomplishment as well. For more articles like this, you can visit

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