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Top 3 Inventive Strategies for Controlling Pest in Dubai in Agriculture and Horticulture

Nowadays, with advanced technologies and innovative ideas, pest control is not a big concern. Call for the best pest control in Dubai services and get your work done professionally. Pest control dubai services are available 24 hours so you can get their services anytime.

Moreover, they have flexible schedules, innovative plans, and decisive ideas to control pests in your agriculture area and horticulture. Following are the most effective pest control UAE strategies and methods adopted by the best pest control in Dubai companies.

What is Pest Control?

The term pest is used to dictate any species that becomes a nuisance for human resources. Therefore, pest control literally means to minimize, control, or eradicate pests in an ecosystem. Pest control is a part of IPM that utilizes various decisive strategies to eradicate pests at the minimum toxicity level.

Moreover, pest control Ajman services uses chemical, mechanical, and biological methods to control pests in Agriculture and Horticulture. Whereas, within residential areas, the most popularly used methods involve mechanical traps and baits, natural repellents, and chemical sprays.

Is Pest Control Dubai Services Important to Agriculture and Horticulture?

There are a number of pest control Dubai companies that are working real hard throughout the United Arab Emirates. In agricultural lands, pest control is so crucial. It is because these pests destroy crops, fruits, and vegetables. Sometimes, pests can also be the source of plant diseases. Consequently, pests can retard the growth of plants and can affect annual crop yield.

In horticulture and landscaping, to protect ornamental, rare, and expensive plants, it’s essential to prevent pests entry. Therefore, farm and field owners trust and call the best pest control Ajman services throughout the UAE.

Inventive Strategies of The Best Pest Control in Dubai Companies:

Following are the strategies that best pest control Ajman companies adopt to eradicate pests. Moreover, these services also ensure to cause minimum to no toxicity in the environment.

Biological Pest Control

Here, the term biological pest control clearly describes the action. It states to use living organisms to control other living organisms described as pests. It involves biological relationships between species such as parasitism and predation.

Moreover, you can say that biological pest control introduces enemies of other species that prey on them and control them. One such example is of aphid control. Aphids that attack walnut trees are controlled by introducing wasps in the environment. Pest control UAE companies usually use this decisive control plan in summers when wasps seek out aphids.

Trap Cropping

Another great strategy adopted by pest control UAE services is to divert flying pests from a specific crop towards the other crop. The crop that is more attractive to the pests and saves other beneficial crops is known as trap crop. Also, the other crop that is beneficial is known as cash crop.

This method involves trap crops to surround cash crops. For example, planting alfalfa plants among the lines of cotton, chervil to protect vegetable plants from snails and slugs, and rye to protect soybean from maggots. Moreover, a great feature of this incredible pest control method is that it does not use pesticides.

Mechanical Pest Control

Mechanical pest control involves various handy techniques, equipment, and devices to control pests. The oldest technique that is used is known as tillage. While equipment and devices involve using mechanical traps and baits. Another method of pest control is crop rotation, which deprives them of their host plants.

Chemical Pest Control

Chemical pest control involves using pesticides and insecticides to kill and repel the pests in fields. On a large scale, pesticides spray is done by using tractors with mounted sprayers. Moreover, seed dressings are also in practice that involve applying pesticides on seeds to prevent pest attack upon the seedling. Pest control companies focus on effective methods of application, coverage, results, and toxicity grade to plants, humans, and the environment.

Final Verdict:

If you are planning to renovate your ornamental garden or agricultural land, choose the best pest control service in Dubai. Also, opt for their most effective pesticide strategy with less to no toxicity to humans, wildlife, and ecosystem.

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