Top 10 Fantasy Cricket Apps Lists To Download

Fantasy Apps are of many kinds. You can play with your preference. So far as I’m aware, Fantasy Dangal is the most amazing fantasy app ever. However, it does have some limitations. We cannot withdraw the winning balance of Fantasy Dangal. Fantasy Dangal app to our Paytm wallet. Other than that, it’s a highly competitive fantasy app.

If you’re a novice or want to be the winner of a contest quickly, you should participate in the contests on the latest fantasy games. Below are the top 10 fantasy apps available in India. In this list, I’ve included several fantasy games that will allow you to earn real cash without the need to join any contest. You heard it right. If you are part of an entire group of people, then you can win a balance that lasts for the duration of their lives each time you deposit money into your wallet. The apps include Kubera Fantasy, Vision11, Royal11 11Challengers, Fantasy Power 11, My11Circle, and more.


Fantasy Dangal is a new fantasy app that offers an initial signup bonus of Rs 425 after the sign-up. You can avail of a 100% cash bonus. Fantasy Dangal is a new fantasy cricket app in the market. This means that your chances of winning are greater than other fantasy apps. The minimum redemption amount is 200 Rs.

Sign up Bonus: Rs 425

Per Refer: Rs 200

#2. MPL Pro App

Who doesn’t love earning more money when the method is to have fun playing a few interesting games?
There are many “Make Money” applications popping up every day. You can download their smartphones. But, Mobile Premier League (MPL) is one such app that has been released in a legal format. We have included the App in our Top Fantasy Cricket App List.

#3. Paytm First Game

Paytm first Game, Also called the GamePind Online sports app, was launched by the well-known Indian electronic commerce payments system and digital wallet firm Paytm. Users can play a variety of sports online, including Fantasy Cricket, Online Quiz, Luck Games. The chance to win real money is higher because there is less competition.

#4. FanMojo

We are awestruck by watching them play, learn, and create Cricket strategies. We cherish and live each minute of the cricketers as they take to the field. Therefore, FanMojo is a fantasy cricket application, provides the best platform to play and earn real money by wearing one of our favorite things. FanMojo is a 100% legal method to earn money playing on your phones and letting your teams play. You can be the ultimate Mojo Jojo in the world of fantasy cricket and make real money. FanMojo is one of the best Fantasy apps in India.

Batting is the most loved component in Every Cricket loves. FanMojo is a batsman-centric game, and unlike the other Fantasy Cricket, you don’t need to be focused on playing 11 players, but rather the five playing Batsman…

#5. LeagueX

You may have heard about dream11 or myteam11, which allows players to earn real money while engaging in the game of fantasy cricket. However, as you’ve guessed, dream11 is a large platform, and winning can be difficult for novice players. Therefore, this time, we’ll tell you about a brand new fantasy game with similar rules and themes but more opportunities to win real money. LeagueX is among the Top Fantasy Apps In India. Sports Fantasy League is a game based on fantasy in cricket that allows you to earn real cash. The three modes are equally well-known and used by many players in India. LeagueX is based on bowling and batting, which is the main component of a strategy for cricket.

#6. Faboom

Faboom is among India’s most recent Fantasy cricket apps, launched with a brand new format for fantasy known as Rank Fantasy and endorsed by Famous cricketer “Aakash Chopra.” Explore a new fantasy application; users can choose any player by ranking their X points with rank fantasy. Join faboom, download the app and earn a free rs.100 cash bonus.

#7. Dotball Fantasy

Dotball is another fantastic fantasy app that gives you the sign-up bonus of Rs 51. It also offers cash bonuses of 100% for Mega leagues. There is currently no way to earn or refer friends to Dotball Fantasy. Dotball is the newest app in the market for fantasy cricket, so your odds of winning are greater than other major fantasy games. The minimum redemption amount is 300 rupees.

Dotball is an all-encompassing platform for fan engagement for cricket. Create teams, participate in contests and earn cash. Fantasy sports are a part of the game. The goal is Everything Cricket.

#8. iGamio

iGamio is another great fantasy application that provides an initial sign-up bonus of Rs 100. You can avail of a 100% cash reward. Additionally, you can receive a commission of 20% off your first purchase. iGamio is a newcomer to the world of fantasy cricket, so the odds of winning are higher when compared to other major fantasy games. The minimum redemption amount is 200 Rs.

iGamio is an all-around fan engagement platform for cricket. Make your teams, participate in contests, and earn money. Fantasy Sports is one face of the game. The goal is Everything Cricket.

#9. Rooter

Rooter can be described as an online quiz application that allows users to win money by predicting game winners, scores. If you have a good understanding of cricket, you should test “Rooter”. The correct score prediction and statistics will increase the number of coins you can exchange in Amazon Voucher, Paytm Cash!

#10. Winzo

Winzo Gold is an online mobile sports website where you can play games online and win huge money prizes. It is possible to choose from the various available games on the site. It is completely legal and adheres to all guidelines set out by the Indian government regarding mobile online sports. There is no secret to earning extra cash. Play the game with the right skills to win, and you could be rewarded with a substantial cash prize. Residents of India can only play the app.

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