Tips to Spot and Use a Good Dab Pen Flavor

If you have been considering buying a dab pen but are unsure of what flavor to try, this blog post is for you! The post goes over tips on how to spot and use a good dab pen flavor. It can be challenging to find the perfect one, so these tips should help you out in your search.

How to spot a good dab pen flavor

 A good dab pen flavor is one that you enjoy – don’t settle for anything less than what you like! Here are some tips to help you find the ideal dab pen flavor:

  • Don’t settle for a flavor that doesn’t taste clean. A good, pure oil will have no residue or burnt smell when heated up. If you’re struggling to understand what this means, try getting a hold of some concentrates and seeing how they work in your vaporizer before buying one from an outside source – it’s much wiser to be able to sample the product beforehand! 
  • Don’t settle for anything less than 100% natural oils. They may cost more upfront but are well worth it in terms of aroma and potency. Not only is there nothing artificial about them, but most companies sell their products with labels detailing everything that goes into making them so you can know what you’re ingesting! Some brands even offer waxes made with organically-grown, pesticide-free marijuana – this is an even healthier way to go! 
  • Do some research on your own. An excellent place to start is online forums where other users have posted reviews of their favorite brands or vendors so you can get a better idea of how they work in real-life situations. Search for local retailers that carry these products and talk with the staff about what types work best – it’ll be helpful when deciding which flavor(s) will suit your tastes without making any regrettable purchases down the road. 
  • Take into account the ratio between PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin). The higher percentage of VG means more clouds but more minor “throat hit” while PG is the opposite – some people are sensitive to PG, so it’s best not to settle for a brand that only offers propylene glycol unless you know; your body can handle it! Some companies also offer half and half mixes of VG/PG, which is perfect if you want clouds but still crave a decent throat hit.
  • Try different flavor profiles to find which one you like best. The dab pen flavor you choose will depend on what kind of concentrate you’re using, but generally speaking, fruit flavors are popular with cannabis users. In contrast, non-cannabis users tend to favor more traditional flavors like mint, chocolate, and coffee.
  • Find out what type of wax is in the cartridge before buying it. There are two basic types:
  1. Polar Concentrates – These extracts use the power of pressure and temperature to separate resin glands from cannabis flowers. The result is a high concentration of pure cannabinoids vaporized using wax pens, with no additional ingredients or flavoring agents required. This method also produces less waste than CO₂ concentrates by leaving behind trim material and plant matter used for combustion. The drawback? Polar concentrate usually isn’t as flavorful as CO₂ extract because it lacks terpenes. Terpenes are the compounds responsible for strain-specific aromas and use fatty lipids instead. Utilizing this type of product requires an atomizer compatible with its viscosity and flash point – not all pens work with wax, so do your research.
  2. CO₂ Extracts – These extracts contain terpenes and flavonoids that provide aromas and flavors similar to what you’d find in traditional cannabis flowers. This is because CO₂ uses pressure and temperature (instead of simple pressure) to separate resin glands from plant matter. The result? Pure cannabinoids, just like polar concentrates – but without any additional ingredients or preservatives needed! The drawback? Results vary depending on how much time was spent purging during the extraction process and other factors such as quality control standards within each product’s manufacturing facility. Also, utilizing this type of product requires an atomizer compatible with its viscosity and flashpoint.

How to use a Good dab pen flavor

Below are some expert tips on how to use a good dab pen flavor:

  • When using a vape pen, never hold the button down continuously, as this will cause the battery to overheat and could lead to accidental combustion.
  • When inhaling and vaping, you should take slow, drawn-out breaths. This will ensure that the product is used appropriately. Make sure to hold each hit for about two seconds before exhaling so as not to damage your throat or lungs. It’s also good practice to turn off the pen after every use. This helps prolong battery life.
  • Buy a dab pen that has adjustable temperature control. This will allow you to set the exact temperature that works best for your needs. Using the device at low temperatures ensures you get the best flavor.
  • Keep the dab pen clean. The device can overheat and have other issues if not taken care of properly. There are many ways in which you can keep your vape engine clean – including using alcohol wipes or compressed air regularly.
  • It would be best if you always used a dab pen with the appropriate wattage and voltage. This will ensure that you get the best vaping experience when using your product.


Congratulations!!! Happy vaping! You can now make the right decision about which type of dab pen flavor you should buy. These tips will help to make your experience with a dab pen more enjoyable and memorable.

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