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Tips for Mastering eBay explore for Sellers

Are you an associate degree eBay marketer wanting to urge your product and sales listings stratified higher in eBay search results? If not you must be as a result of there isn’t any doubt that the upper your listings rank in eBay the additional sales you are going to create, period.

With that aforesaid, let’s take a glance at some tips and tricks you’ll be able to begin mistreatment to leverage eBay’s computer program to urge listed and located for precisely what square measure potential customers are searching for. whereas back-geared toward eBay sellers, these search optimization skills area unit helpful for consumers furthermore how persistently have you ever had to try and do multiple searches to finally realize what you are looking for?

For buyers, mastering the eBay search system permits you to search out hidden gems that others do not see. Generally, the fewer watchers/bidders associate degree item has, the lower its price are going to be.

As a marketer, understanding eBay’s search system helps your bottom line. Being awake to however consumers would possibly explore for a product helps you produce listings with additional descriptive titles. Further, search mastery helps you discover competitory listings thus you’ll be able to worth your item consequently.

Use additional Words

eBay’s computer program solely finds listings that contain all the words you have written within the search box. Meaning the additional terms you employ in your search phrase, the additional precise your search results are going to be. Take into account all the options, functions, and traits of the item you would like. Some potential attributes to include:

  • Manufacturer/Brand
  • Model Name/Number
  • Color
  • Size

For example, to Illustrate we’re looking for floor mats for our vintage 1967 VW Beetle. an exploration for “beetle floor mats” would come thousands of results with only a few relevant ones. Mistreatment additional words — e.g., “VW vintage beetle floor mats lady beetle black” — returns fewer, however far more relevant listings.

Keep in mind if you get terribly specific, like “1967 vintage VW Beetle floor mats” and zip comes up you’ll need to step back simply a touch bit and be a touch less specific.

Use totally different Words

Most sellers attempt to cram as some ways to explain an item as they will slot in the listing title, however, there’s ne’er enough area for all the variations. To forge, as wide a web as potential in your search, consider all the various ways that your item could be delineated. Then consider synonyms for those terms.

Some ways that to get additional search words:
  • Different ways that to mention the constant issues. As an example, laptop/notebook, Bug/Beetle.
  • Abbreviations. As an example, Volkswagen/VW.
  • Misspellings or alternate spellings. As an example, floor mat/floormat.

In our explore for floor mats, we tend to might strive totally different phrases to search out as several listings as potential. as an example:

  • VW beetle floormats
  • Volkswagen bug floor mats
  • … and so on …

Check out what your competition is doing. You would possibly be stunned to search out what they are doing to urge the highest search results.

When it involves descriptions you’ll be able to ne’er embrace too several variations, descriptions, etc. As you ne’er grasp precisely what your potential emptor could also be typewriting in to search out what they are searching for.

Don’t Worry concerning Capitalization

Lowercase, uppercase, mixed case… it does not matter in eBay search, thus don’t be concerned concerning it.

Sellers: this is often a decent tip to recollect once making listings. Use capitalization within the title and subtitle to draw attention to your listing, to not have correct descriptive linguistics. The ground mats listing could be titled like thus to maximize visibility:

The all-uppercase words straightaway catch the reader’s eye and tell them the foremost necessary data concerning the item available.

It’s not essentially concerning being grammatically correct however additional concerning having your listing stand out amongst the competition.

This is additionally a decent place to incorporate common misspellings of words.

Use Parentheses for “Or” Searches

To search for one word OR another, place the words in parentheses, divided by commas.

To any refine our explore for floor mats, we are able to take into account alternative ways to explain the item. As an example, the VW Beetle is usually referred to as the Bug. We are able to rummage around for listings that contain either of those words by encompassing the words in parentheses:

Use minus signs (-) for Negative Words

If you set a sign before a word (e.g., “-carpet”), you are telling eBay’s computer program to not embrace any listing that contains those words.

This feature is beneficial for eliminating things associated with the one you are looking for. For example, in our exploration for the right woman bug rubber floor mats for a VW Beetle, we would use negative words like “-dodge”, “-carpet”, or “-Jetta” to focus our search results.

Use associate degree Asterisk (*) as a Wildcard

An asterisk (*) in your search phrase means that “any combination of any letters, numbers, or symbols will go here.”

For example, looking for “floormat*” would match “floormat” and “floormats” thanks to the chance of the wildcard.

Fun tip: this additionally works for many search engines, as well as Google.

Use Quotes to be Literal

If you set inverted comma “like this” around a phrase, the results can solely show listings wherever the words in quotes area unit within the precise order you such as.

So if you set inverted comma around “ladybug floor mats,” solely listings that match the order of the words can show up within the results. meaning listings that use constant words, however in an exceedingly totally different order, won’t be enclosed.

Mix and Match the simplest Search techniques

Using a few of the preceding techniques, we are able to produce an excellent search question that gets the U.S.A. precisely what we would like.

  1. Contains “VW” OR “Volkswagen”, AND
  2. Contains “bug” OR “beetle”, AND
  3. Words starting with “floor mat” OR “floormat”, AND
  4. doesn’t contain any of the words “Jetta” OR “Passat” OR “rabbit” OR “carpet”.

Whether you are a marketer or emptor on eBay. Mistreatment these search tips may be useful to assist your potential consumers to realize your listings. Associate degrees make it easier for a marketer to search out an item from an emptor. Creating it easier for consumers and sellers to urge connected and do business.

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