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Tile trends for 2022

Upgrade your home with one-of-a-kind, long-lasting, and fashionable tile floors! These top tile flooring trends will look fantastic in any room, but especially in kitchens, bathrooms, and other wet areas. Tile has exploded in popularity in the last decade, masterfully recreating the hottest wood looks and branching out into new territory with the most innovative shapes, looks, and patterns in the flooring industry.

Things are about to get much more exciting in 2022, and this tile trends roundup will give you all the specifics. Large wood-look planks, eye-catching patterns, forms, and designs, and tons of vibrant new styles are all on the way.

Tiles that could be a trend in the year 2022

Tiles with Natural Wood


A tile with 100% French Oak Tree with Multi-layer technology.  

Due to its long-standing success, wood, the coveted material that evokes nature, has become a must in many interior and exterior spaces. However, when used outdoors, wood has several drawbacks and necessitates special and time-consuming maintenance to protect it from frost, bad weather, and sunlight.

Tiles with Sintered Stone

For kitchen countertops and worktops

Firms like Lapitec and Neolith have selected the term “Sintered Stone” to distinguish their goods from typical quartz materials. They are stain and scratch resistant, as well as resistant to heat and frost. Are also suitable for outdoor use and, unlike other materials, do not fade or yellow. And can be used as outside cladding and can help to minimize pollution in some instances. They’re extremely tough and impenetrable

Tiles with Exclusive Natural Stone 

Most used in making the floors and walls. 

It’s the most popular stone because it’s suitable for both floors and countertops. It occurs in a variety of natural colors, with black, white, red-brown, and beige being the most popular. As a result, it’s a stone that may be used in a variety of styles. Granite is one of the toughest natural stones on the planet in terms of durability, and as a result, it is exceptionally resistant to scratches and heat damage. Last but not least, granite is a non-porous rock that resists acidic stains almost completely.

Tiles with Engineered Stone Tile 

Most prestigious marble for floor and walls for finishing

Engineered stone tile (also known as agglomerate tile or aggregate tile) is formed of marble and other rock fragments that are put in an epoxy base. It’s available in a range of colors and patterns. Agglomerate tile has very exact, predictable measurements because it is man-made rather than hewn from natural stone. Pay attention to the installation criteria; if the tile foundation is epoxy (resin), the setting material must also be epoxy.

Key Takeaway

Tiles are a trendy way to breathe life into your house, with a variety of shapes, colors, designs, and patterns to select from, according to interior experts. Every year, Original Style consults with prominent interior designers and experts to determine which colors, styles, and schemes will be popular in the future year. Tiles have been a cornerstone of interior design for decades, and despite the advent of numerous formats and finishes, traditional styles continue to turn heads.

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