The ultimate guide to customizing pre-roll packaging ideas

More and more features are introduced by many packaging suppliers as the advancement is progressing in this industry as well. Due to the availability of unlimited options to start with, is quite impossible now for any new entrant in the market who is willing to buy packaging boxes for their product range, to decide about the necessary features they want.

At the start, it is the common desire of every product owner to incorporate all features that are available to make their packaging customization and to look different from competitors.

Lack of proper knowledge may cause a lot of damage and financial loss to get your desired packaging boxes in the required shape, style, color, or quantity. Once you have all the basic knowledge that is necessary to get into packaging then you can design and get cheaply.

Different kinds of material surfaces:

Material forms the outer part of packaging boxes for your pre-rolls to keep them safe and protective from many external and environmental elements. Pre-roll is a delicate product that is prone to many environmental elements like heat and moisturizer.

Packaging boxes for these pre-rolls not only require to be strong. The built quality and packaging structure should be designed in a way that any heat or moisturizer particles can easily enter it and harm the product inside.

Further, this is the material of your packaging boxes that ensures and keeps your pre-roll in one shape and protects them from damage and delivers them in full shape to your target consumers.

An overwhelming list of packaging materials are available in the market but more eco-friendly and positive packaging options are as follows:

Rigid boxes

Cardboard boxes

Corrugate boxes

Kraft Paper

Printing advancements have made it convenient to look different:

Modern advancements in every field of life have revolutionized the way we performed our tasks and activities in past. These modern techniques not only save us a lot of time and effort. But make it more convenient for us to perform more tasks on daily basis.

The printing industry has also gone through many advancements in techniques and machines that are used now for printing. The availability of many techniques and styles has made it more convenient. To get any style or shape of pre roll boxes for your brand of weeds.

Numerous techniques are offered by many printing presses and packaging suppliers to deal with the specific needs of a specific brand but more commonly printing styles are;

Digital printing

Screen Printing

Lithographic Printing

Ink-Jet Printing

Laser Printing


Alluring designs and shapes to personalize your pre-roll packaging:

Many weed suppliers are making them in different sizes or shapes of pre-rolls and asking packaging suppliers to provide the same variety of packaging boxes to wrap them well. In the same way, there are unlimited pre-roll joints that are providing their brand of weeds to varying tastes of their consumers.

It is a tough task to satisfy all of them through simple-looking pre-roll packaging. Hence to solve this problem packaging suppliers are making pre roll packaging in packaging styles to match any size, shape, color, or design easily.

You can imagine any shape or design for your specific product. Then packaging producers can make that design possible for you. Die-cut machines have made it quite convenient to cut cardboard material into any shape to form style for your specific brand of pre-rolls.

Discover the depth of customization ideas:

Pre-roll packaging can be personalized with many customized features. It is very important to understand all the features and factors for which you can customize your packaging.

Further, you can use the following commonly used add-ons and finishing styles to further beautify your pre-roll packaging;

Add-on to beautify your pre-roll packaging:

It is the part or feature of any packaging boxes that are implemented above the basic packaging layer for pre-roll boxes. Once you have decided and satisfied the overall strength and stability. The material for your outer surface of pre-roll packaging.  Then the next stage arrives to make them different by using add-ons available in the market.

The list of these add-ons is an unlimited number of items varying across industries. But the basic add-ons available are as follows:

Die-cut window.


PVC window.

Gold foiling

Silver foiling.

Spot UV




Finishing styles to classify your outlook:

Finishing styles make your pre-roll packaging boxes more classy and luxurious look to satisfy your consumers. As pre-rolls are luxurious items so their packaging also requires the right features of finishing touches like matte, satin, gloss finishing to make your packaging more of a high-class brand.

It is not necessary to use all these features but you can use them in combination to make different parts of your pre-roll packaging make a more lasting impression on your consumers.






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