The general documents required and types of the Azerbaijan Visa

It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Azerbaijan visa requirements have been made quite simple. The processing is one of the fastest in the world, the applicant can choose the processing speed. The fastest processing is done by submitting $ 105, the Azerbaijan visa is provided in less than 24 hours’ time. The fast pace Azerbaijan e visa can be processed in less than 2 days.

You need to submit the processing fee of $ 75. The normal processing is done in 3 days and you need to submit the processing fee of $ 45. There are different types of Azerbaijan visas, each of the visa types requires various types of documentation. You need to submit the documentation according to the visa type.

In this article, we are discussing the general Azerbaijan visa requirements for all types of visas and also discussing various types of visas:

The General Visa requirement of documentation:

The general visa requirement for Azerbaijan travel, these documents are required for all types of visas:

  • A Valid Passport: A valid Passport is required for an Azerbaijan visa. The visa authorities consider a passport valid only if it remains 6 months in expiry. If a passport provided which is less than 6 months of expiry is considered null and void. First, you need to get a new passport then you can apply for a new visa.
  • A Valid Email ID: Please check if you are accessing the Email ID easily. A valid email ID is necessary, as all the communication is done via a valid email ID
  • The Format of filling the form: The information in the online form should be filled in the same format as it was filled in the official documents. It is better to follow the format of the Passport, you need to fill in all the details in the same manner as it is appearing on the passport. Azerbaijan visa requirements would not be met if you are providing the personal information in a different format. It would be marked as discrepancies on your visa.

Different types of Azerbaijan visas:

There are different kinds of Azerbaijan travel visas, we are discussing them one by one:

The  Azerbaijan visa for Tourists:

This type of Azerbaijan visa is provided to tourists, and it is valid for 3 months or 90 days. The Tourists visa can be extended for 6 months or for 180 days.

The  Azerbaijan visa  for Tourists:

The Azerbaijan visa requirements for the business are different, as you need to submit the Business letter from a company. You need to submit this letter to the Azri embassy.

The  Azerbaijan visa for Tourists:
Forgetting the student’s visa, you need to submit the admission approval form and the receipt of fee submission. The Azerbaijan visa requirements require the receipt of fees to the Name of the University. 

Diplomatic Visa:

The diplomatic visa is especially issued to the diplomatic staff and the dignitaries coming to the country. The processing of eh diplomatic visas is done by the embassies of the two countries. Azerbaijan visa requirements for diplomatic purposes can be altered at the special request of the country.

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