The Facts You Need to Know About Recyclable Milk Cartons

Many people are still questioning about are milk cartons recyclable. With the increment in environmentally conscious behavior today, customers prefer to purchase items in green packaging. In this post, we would discuss some facts you need to know about milk cartons.

What Are Milk Cartons?

Individual milk cartons are wax-free and have been free for a long time. Modern cartoons are mostly made of paperboard. This packaging is designed to keep your milk inside as fresh as possible by blocking light and air to enter the packaging.

Another interesting thing about cartons of milk is that they have a thin layer of plastic with a colorful label printed on the outside. When recycling, removing this layer leaves valuable paper fibers to make new paper products.

Can You Recycle Milk Cartons?

Yes, we can recycle milk cartons. In fact, the availability of recycling plants in the US itself has been increasing from 37% of households in 2011 to 62% in 2018.

Recycling cartons are a great way to dump unnecessary waste into landfills. Yet, your contribution to the environment could start with shopping. Whenever you need to get fresh milk, get cartons that contain recycled materials. First of all, you could save energy by choosing environmentally friendly product packaging.

The high quality of the paperboard materials for this packaging makes it very suitable for processing into new products. Even better, all the materials used in the production are recyclable. The problem lies in the separation of these components during processing. It may be helpful to rinse the carton before placing it into a curb recycling program.

How to Recycle Milk Cartons?

If you are wondering how to recycle milk cartons, you could drop baled cartons into a pulper. Think of a giant home blender and get the idea that it fills water and shreds in 20 minutes. This separates the layers of the packaging, extracting the aluminum foil and polyethylene from the paper fibers. In this way, the paper fibers would be ideal to make new paper products.

Meanwhile, the non-fiber residue would be perfect for a variety of new products, including garden furniture and roofing materials.

Recycling is constantly evolving and changing. So you need to check out for updates to see where you could recycle or move unwanted items in your area.

The Benefits of Recycling Milk Cartons

When you pack your fresh milk individual, you would only need fewer natural resources to produce them. On average, carton packaging contains 94% of fresh milk and 6% of packaging with a long shelf life. This means less fuel consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions as you could deliver them in fewer trucks.

The access to recycling in the United States itself has been helping in preventing landfill disposal. In addition, it helps to ensure that you could reuse the products containing the materials to make cartons after they are gone. Thus, you could get the recycling benefits by reducing the cost of purchasing new paper and plastic for the next carton you need to ship to customers.

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