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The best gift for baby girl – Why to take a girly diaper cake

My friend had a baby a few months ago, so I thought a lot about what gift to take when we went to visit the baby. I thought a lot about what to bring them. I wanted something that is ornately packaged, yet they can be used later. After a long search, I found the perfect gift, which is both a useful and showy gift. This is the girl diaper cake. But let’s look first at what gift ideas I’ve found since I met them in stores. I left the girl diaper cake to the end:

Musical games

Stores are crumbling with a variety of musical toys. I don’t even understand, the baby doesn’t care what’s around it yet, and the baby’ll be listening to that all day later.
I don’t even dare think about how nerve-wracking it is for parents. If you choose this, I don’t think you’ll be a parent’s favorite.
Plus, if you have a similar one, you can expect a similarly screaming gift.
Just think about it, you haven’t been sleeping for months and the baby listening the same tune all day …
Never, at any age or period, take a musical toy as a gift.

Plush animal

The other typical gift idea. At first, everyone thinks how good it will be to carry a plush animal, like a teddy bear.
Sure, it’s cute, but I don’t think you take the first one, maybe not the last. Plus, neither mom nor baby needs that.
Either it will soon be in a box or a bag and from there deep into the cupboard.
I pulled it off my list, I didn’t really find any positive arguments for it.


It’s a much better gift. The baby wear away some sets a day, there is not enough of them.
However, before buying, it is worth asking what size clothes your baby is wearing or what size they are just in need of.
There may already be enough of the current size, but it will soon grow so they would need more. At this age, the baby grows fast, faster than the parent would think.
Only comfortable, soft clothes made of 100% cotton should be worn. They do not contain as much dye and cotton is breathable.
I asked the mother for her opinion and put it in the gift.


It is also worth bringing a diaper as a gift, because until the child is house-trained, the baby uses up to 9-10 diapers a day.
It’s a consuming device, you can’t take it with a few packages, you can’t carry too much. However, it is worth noting that, just like with clothes,
it is also available in different sizes, and it is also worth considering the manufacturer and asking for the mom’s opinion.
She knows which manufacturer’s diapers are good for the baby and how big they need them.
There are several types of diapers, be it disposable, textile or washable diapers. It is now available everywhere, in drugstores, shops, baby shops.
Its packaging is a bit cumbersome, but that’s not the point here. An useful gift, this is also included in my gift, with a lot of fancy packaging.


You don’t take this to the baby, but you visit not only her, but the parents as well. Mom also deserves a little pampering.
Bring her the favorite or something special, like a candy, a cookie, a cake you love.
She’s been in the house for a while now with the baby she cares about every single wish she’ll surely appreciate.
You can also make a package in which you can give the father some useful little gifts.
A little candy for the mother was also included in my gift.
But now let’s see what I the best gift what I take and what I suggest to you:

Diaper cake

It is becoming more and more popular, its form and content make it special. But what is a diaper cake?
On the outside, it looks like the real one, made only from diapers and various accessories, with embellishments, and finally wrapped in cellophane. The exterior can be for boys and girl diaper cake too.
Accessories can be clothes, toys, wipes, sweets for mom. The decoration is colorful ribbons, paper cutouts, an ornate board or even a greeting card packed in cellophane.
Only your imagination sets limits, and that’s true for the form! It could be in the shape of a traditional cake, or just some kind of animal, an owl, a bunny, or just a very fashionable unicorn.
It can be in the form of a motorcycle, stroller, car or castle!
The tradition of diaper cake originated in America and reached Europe fairly quickly.
You can also make it at home, but you can also get it easily at baby shops, gift shops and online stores.
If you’re up to making it, it’s worth taking the time to fix it so the diaper cake doesn’t fall apart soon.
I ordered a girly diaper cake for my friend, it contained a little chocolate for my mother, a baby bottle, and a lot of diapers.
They really liked the gift, both mom and baby had a little gift in it.

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