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Symptoms and Consequences of Wet Carpet Drying

If the water has not seeped through to the carpet, a wet carpet vacuum can help, but if the carpet is completely soaked in water. There is no other option than to replace the entire carpet. If only a piece of the carpet is wet, you can always cut the wet area instead of replacing the entire carpet, or you can blot the water using kitchen towels. If a rug becomes wet, it is simple to dry because it can be hung outside to dry.

If damaged carpets are not removed promptly, mold and mildew will grow, posing a serious health risk, particularly if you have children. Because of the damp carpet, it is possible to acquire respiratory issues. As a result, it is recommended that you delay wet carpet drying or replacing damaged carpets.

Cleaning a Wet Carpet: Some Practical Advice

If your carpet is moist and heavy, take it off the floor and set it up on old chairs or other supports to allow it to drain. If it’s light, though, take it outside to drain it. Allowing it to remain on the chair, for example. It is not recommended since if you dry your carpet this way, it will be damaged. When it dries, it will be stretched out of shape and will not be flat, so you will need to replace it sooner rather than later.

Try and remove the spongy pad underneath the carpet that is wet. This is what holds water and gives rise to stink. Remember carpet padding is cheaper to replace than carpet; it probably is not salvageable. Try cleaning a glued-down carpet in place before you attempt to pull it up with a wet carpet drying  dry vacuum to extract water. And only after you have taken up the carpet and pad. You should clean the floors with detergent solution and bleach before dealing with the soaking carpet. This is to minimize odor and mildew in the house.

Emergency Carpet Flooding

If you have a flooded carpet and have visited a local carpet cleaner, you will see that they use steam cleaning or a hot-water extraction procedure to dry and clean your carpet. Professional cleaners will go above and beyond by sanitizing the carpet using chemicals. They’ll also dry your damp carpet for you. But make sure you were doing your job while they were doing theirs! That is, preparing your home for the installation of dry carpet. If you haven’t been able to resolve your home’s folding issues or your floors are still damp, it’s best to leave the wet carpet with the carpet cleaners until your home is entirely ready.

A pad is often included with all carpets intended for usage in the house. The pad’s thickness can range from a quarter of an inch to one inch. As you walk over the pad, it functions as a cushion, giving you a nice and comfortable feeling. That pad is not included with carpets intended for commercial use. This pad absorbs water and functions as a sponge. The amount of water it can hold is significantly greater than its weight. The cushions are designed to be spongy to provide cushioning for your feet.

Water cannot be kept out by a carpet.

Though you may feel a solid carpet under your feet, it really can’t resist water from entering into it. A normal carpet can hold only a small volume of water and soon it gets saturated with water. Subsequently, any water entering it will pass through and will enter the pad beneath it.

Water keeps traveling

As water can’t remain confined to any particular area, it keeps traveling, trying to reach the area that is still dry. You should know that this is a natural phenomenon. The water accumulated in the middle of the room will travel through the carpet, and having passed through its pad, reaches the walls of your room. It won’t take long to reach the corners of the room, depending on the volume of spilled water.

Seek Through Professionals Guide

Another important point to keep in mind is to consider seeking professional help.  Get your flooded carpet cleaned professionally if possible and available. Consult a professional cleaner, describing your wet carpet damage. They are the people who are better-equipped ad qualified to advise you if your carpet is worth saving.

These water-damaged wet carpet drying cleaning experts come to your home and pick up your wet carpet at no extra charge.  Or else, you can take it to them. Professional wet carpet drying cleaning experts may either charge by the square foot or the hour. Do get a cost estimate or quotation before you hire the service.

 Wet Carpet Condition

  1. When touching an edge of the carpet, you may not feel its moisture, though its pad may contain water.
  2. You can check that by using an infrared camera, which is commonly used to assess the area that has been damaged by water. Though you may not be able to feel or see it.
  3. The water damage that homeowners normally report is just about half of the actual damage, as assessed by the equipment used by professionals.
  4. While it is a fact that any wet carpet will get dried up on its own, you just can’t leave it like that for the simple reason that it will smell awful and the mold will form.
  5. If you happen to have your home in some dry climate with low humidity, as in the case of Arizona, there is a strong possibility for your pad and carpet to dry up before bacteria or mold begins to get formed, or that damp smell appears.
  6. But generally, building materials will develop mold when being left wet for over three days.
  7. The carpet may dry by itself, but that doesn’t ensure that the pad is also dry. In fact, in most cases, it won’t be dry.
  8. This is because the pad contains more water than the carpet.
  9. Moreover, it can’t get rid of that water content fast due to the carpet covering it and the floor beneath it.
  10. So, you need to ensure that the pad is also dry, to avoid unpleasant smells and problems.


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