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Sweet Centre Restaurant in Bradford

Sweet Centre restaurant in Bradford is a great place for an early evening treat or a romantic date. The warm and welcoming atmosphere, excellent service, and great wine list make this restaurant a great choice. It is also accessible by bus, and it is an ideal destination for families and business lunches. The staff members at this eatery are very friendly and helpful. You can also order your food online, and you can even choose the time you want to have it delivered.

Famous Sweet centre Restaurant in Bradford

The Sweet Centre Restaurant in Bradford is an Asian restaurant with a rich history. The first curry in the city was one of the first to serve Asian cuisine. Despite being relatively new in the area, this restaurant has experienced great success and has attracted many successful entrepreneurs. The business owner, Haji Abdul Rehman, is dedicated to providing a high-quality experience for their customers and the community. He is passionate about the business’s success and wants it to stay that way.

The Curry at Sweet Centre Restaurant in Bradford is one of the oldest and most popular Asian restaurants. The curry sweet centre was the first Asian restaurant in the city, and many former employees have gone on to start their businesses. The Bradford food industry is thriving in the area, and the Curry sweet centre has helped them achieve this success. The location is located on Lumb Lane. It offers a wide range of Asian cuisine, ranging from Indian curries to Pakistani fare.

sweet centre
The Curry sweet centre in Bradford is a popular local restaurant. It was the first Asian restaurant in the area, and many of its former employees have become successful entrepreneurs since then. The food industry is hugely successful in Bradford. The staff at Sweet Centre is a great place to eat and a must-visit for any food lover. The sweet centre is located in the Lumb Lane bradford. The location has a good selection of Indian and Pakistani cuisine.

Best Asian restaurant in UK

The Sweet Centre Bradford is one of the best Asian restaurants in the UK. It opened in 1964 on Lumb Lane. Its was originally intended to serve workers with Pakistani and Indian sweets. It was one of the first Asian restaurants in the UK, and many former employees have gone on to open their businesses. It is important to have a vision for the restaurant and be open to change. The business is a success when you know what you are doing.

The sweet centre in Bradford has been around for 53 years and is a great example of a local business owner’s passion. The food industry is hugely successful in Bradford, and the success of a restaurant is a testament to the dedication of its employees. You can also learn from the past and others in the industry. It is very important to have a vision for the restaurant in Bradford and know what your customers like before beginning your venture.

sweet centre

Best Indian restaurant in Bradford

The Sweet Centre restaurant is located in the community centre. It is known as one of the best Indian restaurants in Bradford. It is a popular spot for families. The Sweet centre Bradford restaurant also offers beer and is known for its quality and service. Its friendly staff are always ready to help. And the food at Sweet Centre Bradford is a great option for a date. This traditional Asian restaurant has a long history of serving the community.


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