Super Bowl Squares Template – Setup Guide, Rules and Strategy

It is undoubtedly true that you can wager in many ways when it comes to super bowl betting. You can watch the teams playing against each other and can place bets using odds. You can also play the super bowl using online mediums like apps and websites. You can also make a super bowl betting grid and can play it with your friends. The last one is the most entertaining way to place and win bets on the super bowl. It is a fun-filled adventure, plus you can make some money too. But, in order to play, there are some rules and tips to follow. If you are interested to know them, stick to reading this post.

Draw a grid using the marker, poster, and your brain too!

Well, it is hilarious to mention that you need to use your brain for drawing the blank super bowl squares template. But, there is nothing to dive deep into exploiting your brain. You simply need to draw a 10×10 grid which can provide you with 100 boxes. On top of the grid, you just write the name of Team A, and on the left side, write the name of Team B. It merely takes 10 minutes to draw the grid, and it’s really fun.  

Fill boxes and assign numbers

Now when you are done with the grid making, now is the time for each member to write their names in each box individually. It is important to fill all the blank super bowl squares. You might also use a 5×5 grid if the numbers of participants are smaller. However, after writing names in each box, you have to assign numbers to each column and row. As per the rule, you cannot assign numbers as per your own preference. Therefore, you have to draw them randomly using a deck of playing cards. These numbers will be only from 0 to 9. So, you can draw and write them arbitrarily. It will let each player be assigned a specific number for row and column.

How to play the super bowl squares template?

After writing names and assigning numbers, you can see that each square has a matching column and row number. Now, what is the rule to play with the super bowl betting grid? It is relatively undemanding! You just need to follow the scores of both teams at the end of the super bowl quarter. Pick the last two digits of the numbers and see whether they are matched to the column and row with particular squares. Suppose, if the numbers are 10 and 7, then you can consider 0 and 7. The player who has the square that matches these numbers in rows and columns is the winner. Is it simple to play the grid? It is really entertaining and fulfilling.

What to do with empty or unbound squares?

Well, as per the good super bowl squares strategy, it is vital to equip the blank super bowl squares. However, it might be impossible when you have fewer participants. It has a drawback of not having enough players in the super bowls. You might have to determine an empty square as a winner. This means that if the scores intersect to the box that is empty, then nothing would be given to any participant. However, you can roll over the payout for the next quarter and can give it collectively to the winner.

How does profit distribution work in super bowl squares?

In order to distribute the profit for the winners of the super bowl betting grid, you have to follow a specific rule. The profit must be shared equally from 1st to 3rd quarter and the rest amount to the final. This means that you have to share a profit of 20 percent for each quarter from 1 to3 and the rest 40 percent will be given to the final winner.

To Wind Up

The guide to playing super bowl getting grid is easy, and I hope you have got it well. Now, gather your friends and celebrate the party with super bowl squares to throw a remarkable event. Never forget to follow the rules!

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