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StockX is known for selling high-quality shoes at its physical and online stores from top brands such as Nike, Adidas, Skechers, Converse, Clarks, and many more.
But what if the shoes you purchased from StockX do not suit you well? Can you return them to StockX for a refund? Here is everything I’ve found out through my research about the StockX shoe return policy!

StockX Shoe Return Policy

StockX shoe return policy allows customers to return slightly worn shoes, boots, high heels, slippers, sneakers, and other footwear within 180 days of purchase as of 2021. When returning shoes to StockX, customers should bring the shoebox and receipt for a full refund, store credit, or exchange. it depends on StockX shipping time
If you want to learn more about returning shoes to StockX without a receipt, whether you can return shoes without the box, and much more, keep on reading!

Can You Return Worn Shoes To StockX?

StockX aims to make its return policy as convenient as possible.
However, keep in mind that StockX retains the right to refuse a return if the shoes you’re bringing in look heavily used.
Torn materials, frayed shoelaces, damaged soles, and so on, are all valid reasons for StockX to refuse a return.
Can You Return Shoes To StockX Without A Receipt?
StockX does not require any of its in-store merchandise, including shoes, to have a receipt at the time of return.

However, if your transaction cannot be found in the StockX database, they will still refund you but you’ll only receive store credit instead of a refund.

Does StockX Have A Time Limit On Shoe Returns?

StockX requires all of its store merchandise (excluding electronics) to be returned within 180 days of the original purchase date.
If you’re looking to return a pair of shoes to StockX, make sure you haven’t waited too long since StockX will not return them once 180 days have passed since you bought them.
Can You Return All Shoe Brands To StockX?
StockX carries many shoes from top brands such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and Skechers.

Can You Return Shoes To StockX Without The Box?

Although StockX prefers that shoes be returned in their original packaging, it will usually allow a return to be made without the original shoebox as long as the shoes are not worn excessively.
Note that StockX has the right to refuse to process a return without a box, so if you are purchasing shoes from StockX, make sure to save the box in case a return is required.
Can You Return Shoes To StockX Ordered Online?
If you ordered a pair of shoes from StockX online, you can still make a return by either bringing the shoes into the store or mailing them yourself.
For in-store returns, keep in mind that StockX will not cover the shipping costs for you.

Follow these steps to successfully return a pair of shoes to Kohls via mail:
Log into your StockX shopping account, and print out your Order Invoice containing the shoes purchased.
Print out the StockX Return Form and fill it out.

Use the address on the StockX Return Form to ship your product.
Note that refunds will be processed within 7-10 days of shipping, and StockX will not include shipping costs in your refund.
Additionally, StockX will not take back shoes that have been used or worn if they are being returned by mail.


StockX shoe return policy is quite lenient for in-store returns  (Lifestyle). If your shoes are slightly worn or you don’t have a receipt, StockX will still be happy to process the return for you.

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