Splatoon tips to get the game off to a good start

Jelonzo is the Coolest That Splatoon is a carefree online experience doesn’t mean it lacks in-depth gameplay. Here are some tips that will help you become a dominant player in no time. General tips:

  • Try out every weapon in the game. Don’t you dare to play online with a certain weapon? Make your way to the shop and try them out on the training track first. Play whatever you want, but be prepared to face loads of scooters at first.
  • Talk to the cat in town every day for the occasional free little gold.
  • Try to recharge your ammo by constantly getting into the ink. If you have the chance to get anywhere in your squid shape, this is what you should do.
  • There are many advanced tactics in the game, but one of the best is to quickly paint the ground beneath yourself, transform into the squid, and jump away from your opponent. Repeat this as many times as necessary.
  • In the campaign, you can hit any level to get there instantly with a super jump – this is really handy for getting around fast and I didn’t find out until pretty much the end.

Turf War:

  • This may sound like self-explanatory, but when playing Turf War you should definitely be looking for a particular grenade or super attack that will bring you more turf. The Splash Wall, for example, is a great defensive tool, but other powers will help you cover / rule a lot more area. You should always take on and add turf, even if you’re killing enemies an Play Squid Games online free.
  • Later in a match, look for areas that have not yet been covered with paint. It is almost certain that the enemy team has not yet realized that this place exists and is unlikely to reach it by the end of the match.
  • Always check the GamePad card after you die. Is your ally deep in a base and there is still a lot of space to paint / secure? Tap this ally to get to him with a super jump. Quickly press the screen over and over again (gently) if your companion dies – you will still jump to the spot if you tap the screen at the right moment.
  • Over time, you will learn to recognize certain weapons on the map based on the patterns they leave behind. For example, it’s easy to see a scooter moving in a straight line, changing the color of the territory in the process. Learn to recognize them in order to be able to stay away from them or to move to a higher location in good time.
  • At the end of a round, you don’t have enough time after a respawn? Paint objects in your base quickly, as you don’t have time for super jumps and you can no longer reach a useful place.

Splat Zones:

  • Always get into the zone immediately, but always create at least one path back. If you have nothing to do and your zone is more than covered, consider ruining the other team’s path to their spawn (point). This is a great way to slow enemies down when they return.
  • There are many items here that are particularly useful in Splat Zones, such as Splash Walls. Use these to block choke points and prevent enemies from rushing into your zone.

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