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Some Things That Women Need To Know About Leukorrhea

What is Leukorrhea?

It is commonly referred to as the white fluid that comes out of a woman’s vagina. Sometimes it flows like a liquid, and sometimes it is sticky and thick. To some extent, vaginal discharge is normal and healthy because it removes dead cells from the reproductive organs and other toxins. In healthy women, the discharge is white. For better treatment, you need to do lab tests from any medical lab. Like Chughtai lab is a medical lab that provides lab tests services.

Abnormal vaginal discharge can be white, yellow, red, or black. If it is thick, sticky white, and irritating, a medical check-up is required. Is the substance that occurs

It requires a pad, or it is not white but grayish-white pale greenish-brown or rusty color and causes itching. It is a critical condition that needs treatment.

From time to time, every woman has a vaginal discharge which maintains the chemical balance and elasticity of the vaginal muscles and acts as a normal defense system for the vagina if such discharge is exceeded.

White or yellow becomes a thick liquid that smells like Leukorrhea which can be causedd by infection, cancer or any other cause. This abnormal vaginal discharge can be white, yellow, reddish and black.


This is mainly due to the hormonal imbalance of estrogen. It is the primary family sex hormone responsible for regulating and developing the female reproductive system and secondary sexual characteristics. It also controls various functions of the female body. Sometimes, an estrogen imbalance in a woman’s body can lead to infertility. To find the exact reason for the disease choose a medical lab like Chughtai lab for lab tests.

Leukorrhea does not cause any problems in pregnancy, but there are causes. You need to consult any medical professional or gynecologist.

Causes of the disease

Bacterial Fungal Infections Protozoa Early / Early Pregnancy Urinary Tract Infections Outbreaks Inflammation of the uterus Vaginal uterus or cervix Allergies or contact dermatitis Pelvic inflammatory disease Contraceptives used by women

Lack of hygiene or poor hygiene, especially during menstruation, gonorrhea, gout, syphilis, uterine displacement, rheumatoid arthritis, typhoid, weakened immune system, diabetes and anemia, can lead to infections, mental disorders or sexual frustration.

Symptoms of Leukorrhea

The main symptoms of the disease are excessive vaginal discharge, pain and burning in the thigh muscles, etc. There may be a feeling of odour and itching with discharge or pain in the affected area.

Shortness of breath Headache and dizziness Indigestion Yellowness Anorexia or menstrual cramps General weakness Polyuria Lower abdominal pain and heaviness Constipation Anemia Local pain. Consult with the doctor from Chughtai lab if you find any symptom like this. Leukorrhea is the main principle of treatment in case of these symptoms.

If Leukorrhea is due to nutritional deficiencies or easily digested foods and drinks increase uterine strength.

Loose-fitting undergarments should preferably be use by patients made of cotton so that the area can be kept well ventilated. Local hygiene is maintained, and cleanliness is always maintained.

Home Remedies for Leukorrhea

Clean the vaginal area with fresh lemon juice and water. Use Okra. Eat one or two ripe bananas daily, preferably lightly steamed or raw. Eat a glass of fresh cranberry berry juice, preferably without any sugar.

Soak some coriander seeds in water overnight and after distilling the water, drink it on an empty stomach in the morning.

Precautions for Leukorrhea

It is very important to clean the genitals. During each bath, wash the specific parts carefully and do not allow moisture to remain in their area after bathing. Let the water flow to the anus to be wash clean. However, also, wash the vagina after urinating. Use Chughtai lab for better lab tests service.

Self-medication should be avoid as some women are allergic to certain medications, and the use of such medications can lead to further infections and complicate the problem.

Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins from the body

All desserts such as pastries, sweets, custar, ice cream and pudding should be avoid if too much is excret.

Also, avoid Alcohol Consumption Fresh yogurt should be an integral part of the diet as it helps in the digestion of food and contains lactic acid, which can reduce excretion.

Clean underwear with a good quality detergent that has antiseptic and fungicide properties. If clothes get wet in the rain or for any other reason, change clothes immediately, including undergarments.

Underwear made of nylon material should be avoid in summer to retain sweat in the Leukorrhea area. Cotton is the best choice for undergarments. Do not use any cosmetics like powder or perfume unnecessarily in underwear. Take a brisk walk early in the morning to relieve stress and increase your disease resistance.

However, pill users should temporarily stop using the pill if the symptoms are very bothersome. Before going on a physical trip with your partner, make sure that they are free from any infection and clean their organ after receiving them. Or verify your health condition by performing lab tests from medical lab. Like Chughtai lab is also a medical lab. Get in the habit of doing this to keep many diseases away.

Stress buster exercises and morning walks should be a routine because when the body is free from stress, immunity against diseases increases.

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