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Small business and E-Commerce: An essential synergy for success

A few years earlier, people would think twice and more before buying anything online. Walking to a market a few miles away was preferable to purchasing things from an online store. This was due to the fear of online scamming or not wanting to go through the hassles of elaborate order or return process. But things have changed for the better, both from businesses and customers’ points of view. Roles are now reversed, people prefer buying from e-commerce sites more than ever before. They enjoy using the virtual online shopping cart system more than filling up the real ones in physical stores. The rapid shift from traditional to online shopping behaviour has opened avenues for small businesses to kick start their business career conveniently. 

Why do people prefer buying from e-commerce sites?

With the rapid evolution of e-commerce sites, more and more people are opting for online products and services. The dependency has increased to a tremendous extent especially after the pandemic. The trade experts from UNCTAD states that there was a ‘dramatic’ rise in retail e-commerce sales from 16% to 19% in 2020. Let us have a look at some of the reasons below-

Convenience – Online shopping is not only enjoyable but also convenient. Who wouldn’t love a virtual tour of their favourite things sitting in the comfortable spaces of home? E-commerce websites offer minimum hassles for buying activities making them popular among the masses.

Variety – No traditional market can offer the same range of variety and diversity of products that a single e-commerce site can. People prefer shopping on e-commerce sites for the diversity it offers.

No sales pressure – Most people feel the obligation to buy after interacting with sales personals on the offline mode. In online shopping, users can keep using the online shopping cart system without feeling the pressure to buy anything.

Discreet shopping –  One of the important reasons for people opting for online sites is because they can shop for personal or private items like lingerie or undergarments without having to feel uncomfortable and shop discreetly.

Easy returns, replacements and refunds – E-commerce site offers easy and hassle-free return and refund processes without any extra cost.

E-Commerce boon to Small Businesses-

More and more businesses are shifting to the online realm of sales. Small businesses benefit particularly from e-commerce because generally, they have a hard time building exposure from a loyal base of consumers. Let us learn how useful e-commerce solutions for small business are-

Wider business reach – Small businesses generally have limited reach and exposure. E-commerce sites can boost small businesses by providing them with a wider customer base. Businesses can easily sell their things to various parts of the world if they are willing to ship internationally, which otherwise was not possible in the offline mode.

Low cost of operations – One of the most important benefits of E-commerce solutions for small business is that you don’t have to spend gallons in the setting up of a physical store. A store will require you to invest in the décor, keep sales staff, endure electricity and other miscellaneous costs. With an e-commerce site, you don’t have to incur any of these additional costs.

SEO benefits- SEO is an essential tool for the success of any business. Small businesses can derive from the SEO benefits of e-commerce sites. The application of SEO helps to drive traffic to your website, increase user engagements and build exposure for your business, which is only possible in the online realm. 

Online brand and reputation building-  Customer’s satisfaction or dissatisfaction are reflected through reviews.  If a business delivers quality services and products, it can attract positive reviews which can be influential to potential consumers. Reviews are available on e-commerce sites, which helps consumers form an impression of the product. Positive reviews help in building brand and reputation.

Summing up

E-commerce sites have opened avenues for small businesses all over the world. Gone are the days when small businesses had to send cold email or marketing messages to promote their products and services. With an e-commerce platform, they get a ready-made base of consumers. Well, half of the work here is done, all that is left to do is build customers’ trust by providing quality service and products. If you are a small business, looking for expansion and exposure, enlist now on an e-commerce site to help your business grow.

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