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Do you have concerns regarding your company’s success with Tags with strings attached? Do you wish to promote your products and brand more effectively? Besides, do you want to grow your company without having to spend a lot of money? Are you expecting to win millions of people’s hearts?

To do so, you’ll need to be able to create a perfect and adaptable marketing approach. It will get a lot of traction in the business world. Tags with strings attached have become a popular marketing tool for many businesses. They’re a distinct and appealing variation of Standard Hang Tags. Embossing metallic foil on the tags with strings is important. So, they have a striking appearance because of the metallic threads.

We will love to provide you with the personalisation choices which we are mostly asked about. You can add strings to our custom printed hang tags. Ordering bespoke tags with string is now easier than ever. If you want to buy, go to our product tags page to place an order or keep reading to see what price tags with strings we’ve added to our site.

String Loops with Tags

For starters, we’ve decided to offer tags with string loops. It will make ordering hang tags with string easier and allow us to see what else clients might desire. Let us know if there’s a certain type of string you’d like to see!

We appreciate offering you just the alternatives you need to order your product tags conveniently, whether you need hang tags with string for apparel or candles.

Tags with an elastic string

We’ve incorporated three alternative colours of elastic string for your product tags: white, black, and red. So, these elastic string loops all have a 260mm length and a 0.75mm cord thickness. It’s critical to understand that the length refers to the total length of the string. As a result, once tied, the loop measures roughly 130mm from knot to drill a hole!

Various sizes of string tags

Another important aspect of the tags is the length of the strings appended. It is much essential to select the appropriate size. Furthermore, if the size is incorrect, your entire advertising strategy may fall apart. As a result, you must carefully pick the size of the strings that hang tags.

String tags with embossing

If you use the embossing procedure on your string tags, you’ll receive a raised image or text. The plates are pressed directly into the paper in this approach. To add a personal touch:

  1. Use inks and foils.
  2. If you want a truly unique embossed finish on your string tag, think about the thickness of the paper you choose.
  3. Break out of the box and employ swing tags that you won’t see many other companies using buckram, cord, linen, and gravure.

Paper of Good Quality

The paper quality is the most important feature of the tags with strings. All of your efforts will be for nought if you utilise low-quality paper. Furthermore, you will be wasting your money. As a result, we choose the paper quality with care. Furthermore, we offer the best degree of service. Thus, each form of paper satisfies all of the string tag paper’s standards. They feature a semi-gloss finish, which adds to their appeal. They’re also difficult to work with. They’re also excellent for printing and writing.

Techniques of Printing

We believe that everything we produce should be unique. As a result, we’ve come up with three options for you. In addition, we concentrate on the printing process. The following printing services are available:

  • Publishing digitally (Front Only)
  • Publishing digitally (Front & Back both)
  • None; in this scenario, there will be no other colours on the tags.

Environmental friendly string tags

We have added a flax cord style, which is excellent for printing brown price tags with string because we offer a lot of recycled paper and kraft tags.

How do you use the associated string to apply your tags?

We are experts at letting you make the decision. You may allow us to apply the strings to your tags, or you can do it yourself, and we’ll provide the loops. Simply follow these procedures to apply your product tag string.

  • Without tying a knot, poke the loop’s end through your tag. We recommend starting from the backside of your product tag so that the loop protrudes from the front.
  • Pull the loop through the hole until it’s about halfway through.
  • Thread the knotted end of the tags with string ties tag loop through the loop on the front of the tag.
  • Gently pull the knotted end of the tag to make it wrap around your tag drill hole.

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