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As far as content on the internet is concerned, a lot has changed in the last two years; the days of writing low-quality content just for link building are over and this is probably a sure way to get penalized by the big search engines and readers across the internet. Expert team of SEO Services Company Kansas City not only optimise your websites in the search engines but also brings traffic to your website. Unsurprisingly, we are seeing many heavily optimised sites ranking low for search queries, which were previously leaders for important keywords.

This despite not following

In contrast, many previously unknown blogs with great content are consistently rising in the rankings after search engines have moved to update their algorithms; and this despite not following what traditional SEO guidelines recommend – writing keyword-rich content. But first, the basics.

The reason why people focused less

Keywords have traditionally been associated with the searches that people do online; therefore, they have always been a guiding force for SEO and content managers; moreover, the perception that “keyword-rich content does the job anyway” was the reason why people focused less on creating great-looking content and more on stuffing it with whatever keywords they saw fit; the result was

Just to drive traffic to their site

Over time, however, search engines realised that the average internet user would simply be put off by landing on low-quality portals that had nothing to offer visitors – in addition, some sites used all sorts of keywords – even ones that had nothing to do with the site in question – site managers stuffed their content with unnecessary keywords in the hope of attracting additional visitors, even if the visitor was looking for something else – just to drive traffic to their site.

These incredible algorithm upgrades happened

It was then that the big search engines completely reorganised their systems and finally decided to separate the good guys from the bad guys. Because even their reputations were suffering from the return of unwanted search results – that these incredible algorithm upgrades happened.

Does this mean you don’t have to focus on keywords anymore?

Not really, keywords are important, after all, it’s how your audience finds you; however, the emphasis has shifted from short keywords to long keywords – a great way to attract people who are not tech-savvy. Are you confused? Here’s an example:

Just like we ask our friends when we’re looking for something

“Andy is a 21-year-old boy who uses the Internet a lot; so when he’s looking, he writes “Where can I find the best and cheapest ABC products in Kansas City”. In Andy’s case, optimising content for less popular keywords should be a good choice; however, if Aaron goes in search, chances are your site will either show up or not show up in search results – not good, right? Because the average internet user is unfamiliar with the technical intricacies of search, they type questions into the search box – just like SEO Services Company Kansas City ask friends when we’re looking for something. The technically savvy and the non-technically savvy user. Explaining this…

Let’s look at how to make your content stand out.

Good content says a lot about your business or product and shows that you care about your visitors and readers and that you’re not one of those people who just want to make a quick buck. Over time, search engines have become incredibly smart and treat websites and blogs more like real people.

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