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Reasons To Choose Onyx Marble Over Other

Often people want marble in their home and get a luxurious look. However, they are not aware of the marble variety and the quality. There is a huge list of varieties of marble which you can choose and indulge in your home and make your home a perfect look. Marble has the quality which attracts every person whether they used in the bathroom or kitchen. So here I am sharing Reasons To Choose Onyx Marble but if you used imported marble for your home, make sure you get the right imported material. 

From the list of those varieties of marble, we are here to explain the onyx marble. It is the most beautiful natural stone. This usually utilized material is versatile and elegant and permits it to look good almost anywhere. There are many reasons for considering onyx in luxurious stone in the world. They have soft stones considered more delicate than other natural stones, which include marble, and have their advantages and disadvantages. 

The reasons to choose onyx marble over marble 

  • Versatility:

If you are choosing marble for fireplace surrounds, tabletops, and floor medallions. This stone is made into complex mosaic inlays. Thus, it is a flexible stone but one of striking beauty as well. 

  • Durable:

Onyx marble is from the family marble and it is quite durable to stand almost any external pressure people infer on it. In the durability phase, it has the quality of the marble, as it comes from the marble category. You can choose these for the prolonged face. 

  • Wide color palette: 

The onyx marbles are designs with different patterns and with a huge range of colors. Whether you choose pale gold to dark red. You can choose the onyx marbles with the variety which is mentioned below.
-Pastel onyx decorating ideas:
-Warm-toned onyx vs marble
-Neutral onyx colors

  • Allow backlighting;

    The colors and the pattern has different variations that improve the backlighting, which uses the natural translucence of onyx to bring a matte, rich glow to almost any room in your home.
  • Statement Countertops: 

    If you choose the onyx marbles for the kitchen countertops, and its translucency coupled with its generous offer of red, white, brown, green, and black colors. Moreover, the shades make every onyx countertop an important masterpiece.

  • Natural earthy tones:

    This marble has eye-catching and doesn’t give the factory manufactured look because of its early tones and impeccable addition to your home. It has unique quality with the comparison of the marble. 
  • Scratch and heat resistant: 

    The onyx marbles have tough material and have no issues dealing with damage from heat and scratches. It is a benefit for the users to choose Onyx, as this quality is essential for material that should be used in countertops and flooring. 

Final thoughts 

These are the main reasons for which you can consider the onyx marble in your home. If you choose the imported marble, then you can choose this marble over others. It has different qualities and potential to enhance every place where it would be used it. 

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