Pursuing MBA After Engineering: Is it a Right Career Choice?

In India, pursuing an MBA after an engineering degree has become a dime a dozen among students. You can see that most who tops CAT exams are engineers. But why has this become the trend? Should you opt for MBA as well? With a B.Tech degree from the leading engineering colleges in NCR, not sure what’s your next step? Let us find answers to these questions and help you make a better career choice.

What exactly is MBA? 

In 1908, the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration started the Master of Business Administration program with a faculty of 15 people, and 33 regular and 47 special students. Today pursuing MBA has become a necessity to land yourself in corporate jobs and to broaden your career prospects. Master of Business Administration (MBA) is generally a 2- year-long program offering specializations in Human resource management, Finance, Marketing, International Business, and such.

In case, you do not have the time, using your convenience, you can opt for a part-time Master of Business Administration program offered by the top MBA colleges in Gurgaon. A part-time program will have a duration of 3 years, unlike the regular full-time ones. So, you don’t have to compromise on your degree amongst your difficulties.

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Why MBA after Engineering? 

Many opt for MBA because of reasons varying from personal to professional. To make things clearer, here is a list of the few ‘why’s:

  • New Interest

Many times, it so happens that you start to lose interest in the course of your engineering program. You may be looking forward to working in a corporate firm or a business organisation. In such a case, you may choose MBA to fulfil your dreams.

  • Higher Salaries

An MBA postgraduate is paid higher than an engineering graduate. This becomes one of the driving factors in choosing an MBA for further studies.

  • Polishes Your Resume

You have your technical skills and knowledge from the engineering degree. On top of that pursuing Master of Business Administration helps you rock managerial roles.

  •  Good Business Venture

Imagine you are awarded a degree from the best engineering colleges in NCR and have invented a ‘machine’ or an ‘equipment’. Your technical skills leave you as you walk into the marketing world. So, what do you do? MBA helps you in such a case, to sell and make a profit.

  • Broadened Opportunities 

With both an engineering and Master of Business Administration degree, you open up opportunities for yourself both in the corporate and other areas of employment.  You can be a banker, entrepreneur, and whatnot.

  • Scope

With an MBA degree, you have a better chance of getting placed in the best companies or even starting up your own business. The scope is not only limited to the country; you can find yourself becoming a part of the international community as well.

Get your MBA from the top MBA college in Gurgaon and see your dreams come true! Go ahead, break a leg!

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