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Proven tricks to get followers on Instagram

We are not exaggerating when saying that Instagram has conquered the world. With more than one billion active users and some 80 million publications per day, this social network has become the second largest platform, being surpassed only by Face book, its parent company. This is why it is increasingly important to use proven tricks to get followers on Instagram.


Businesses and companies have realized the potential offered by the platform, so they have been working on strategies to get more followers on Instagram. If this is your case, you have come to the right place, here we will talk about some effective tricks that will help you increase your Instagram followers and grow your presence on this platform.

Post at the best time

The timing of a post plays a key role in its performance in terms of visibility and engagement.

Be sure to review your account statistics to determine the times when the highest volume of your Instagram followers is online. Then it will be time to start experimenting with schedules to reach different segments of your Instagram followers.

Take a look at our article on the best time to post and get likes on Instagram.

What about the filters?

At the time, vintage filters were one of the main attractions of the platform and, although the social network has added a wide variety of functions, it still is.

According to social media consultants, bluish and brighter filters generate more interactions than filters with red or orange tones. Also, images with more saturated filters tend to perform better than those with opaque filters. But all this depends on the aesthetics you have defined for your account and the identity of your brand.

However, you should keep in mind that, on average, accounts that have defined a filter for all their posts tend to have more engagement and make their content look more organized and professional.

You can also be encouraged to create custom filters that give your photos and videos a professional look. There are different editing tools such as Light room and Photoshop, but you can also do it from your mobile with the VSCO application.

Content strategies

When talking about companies and businesses, it is clear that the goal is to increase the effectiveness of these proven tricks to get followers on Instagram and generate sales. However, if you only offer promotional content, it will not only be more difficult for you to gain followers, but you will bore those you already have.

The best alternative is to create valuable content for your followers that can be associated with your brand, reducing promotional material to 20% of your publications. This will help you keep your followers interacting with your content and you can build an influential account within your niche.

Captions and emojis

It is clear that Instagram is a visual platform, but this is no reason to leave the texts aside. The words in your captions can be the difference between a post with just over 20 likes and one with over 200 likes to help you get more Instagram followers.

Use emojis in your Instagram bio

Define the best way to communicate with your followers. You can even create a verbal “universe” to define your writing style and include some emojis to make your texts more readable.

Define the tone of your brand

In relation to the previous point, it is not only important to know what to communicate, but what is the best way to communicate it. Perhaps your followers respond to inspirational content or an irreverent communication tone.

Think of your brand as a person and include features that help you define its personality. You can be funny, formal and funny. Any tone of communication is correct as long as it is versatile and attractive enough to adapt to different posts to take advantage of your proven tactics to gain followers on Instagram UK.

This, in combination with aesthetic aspects such as filters and color palettes, will help you stand out on the platform.

Study your competition

Knowing the movements of your competition will help you avoid making the same mistakes or you can even take their strategies that have given good results and adapt them to your brand in an optimized way.

Create a posting calendar

Working with a publication calendar will help you create content in an organized way and in advance, to avoid missing any important date or occasion for your followers.

Work team takes notes for Instagram post calendar

Organization is a fundamental piece if you want to be successful in your Instagram strategy and get more followers.

Evaluate the results of your strategies

The Instagram algorithm seems to have a life of its own and is constantly evolving, so it’s crucial to evaluate the results of your strategies and make the necessary adjustments to keep your content effective.

Define goals and indicators to evaluate the results of your work on Instagram. Whether you evaluate the interaction, the increase of followers or any other quantifiable aspect within the platform.

Be open to new collaborations

There is a popular saying that nobody is an island and this is especially true on Instagram. If your goal is to get Instagram followers for your business, you must be open to interacting and collaborating with accounts that help you reach an even larger audience.

Mobile on notebook with pen to take notes

It can be with influencers or other popular accounts within your niche. This will help you attract a lot of new followers who are interested in the type of content you have to offer them.

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