Pillow Boxes Types Which You Can Avail from the Market

A person might think that the Custom Pillow Boxes are a regular packaging item but for the record, they are gaining popularity day by day. They are being preferred for the packaging of so many different kinds of items. First of all, let’s see what are they are why are they called pillow boxes? These are small and large cardboard and Kraft boxes made in the shape of a pillow. These boxes can store small and large items mostly for shipping purposes. These boxes can also be made out of corrugated sheets for more durability. Today’s technology has enabled the making of sleek edges. This increases the visual ability of the boxes. Customizations involve the printing of colored and greyscale images along with the text which can make the packaging special.


Pillow boxes can serve many different functions. The customizations can be done to specify the use of the pillow boxes. These customizations can range from basic to advanced based on the needs of the customers. Usually, the pillow boxes which are made up of Kraft are brown and a black color text is enough customization. Sometimes the color is needed to be changed and the graphics are also needed. These customizations depend upon the designer who has to fulfill the needs of his customers. Generally, packaging companies handle the customizations from scratch. The only input they need from their customers is the material and a general idea of how they want the Pillow Box Packaging to be designed.

Custom Kraft Pillow Boxes are becoming common day by day due to the advancement in technology resulting in the ease of printing complex colors and text styles.


Special gifts and items need special packing too. All around the world people like to add luxury to the items they use. Packaging companies provide the option of giving luxury to the pillow boxes also. For moments like giving a wedding gift, sending a special gift to your child, or any other situation of this sort, Luxury Pillow Boxes can serve the needs best. These are generally made from a coating of shiny material. The material can be any, depending upon the choice of the customer. One of the most famous luxuries added to the pillow box is a sheet made up of foam. This provides the overall softness to the box. Also, this can make the pillow box more durable as it can absorb most of the damage from a fall. Pillow boxes are generally small. Large ones can be ordered but are not very common.


A box can be made out of any material of choice but to serve the function well the material needs to be selected accordingly. One such material in use nowadays is Kraft. It has a naturally clean look and brown color. One of the customization options is to change the color to a special wood-like color. This gives a more natural look to the pillow box. Very famous customization with the Custom Kraft Paper Pillow Boxes nowadays is that they are made see-through by making anyone side transparent. This lets the customers see the product inside could become a very big deciding factor while buying as the product could be seen before opening the packing.

Kraft pillow box are mostly made up of hard cardboard-like material. This is a very durable kind of box as it has the strength to bear some pressure also. Customization options with such a box are very versatile. Any kind of color or a mixture of different color combinations can be used. Images and texts can also be printed very easily using the latest printers.


Kraft paper is a material used to make pillow boxes also. This is a very soft and lightweight paper-like material, as the name suggests. These pillow packaging can be customized differently as compared with normal Kraft boxes. These are usually glossy. These can be made in small sizes only. Large size boxes are not convenient because of the weak nature of Kraft paper.


Pillow box are very useful packaging items. They have their application in every field and for every person. These boxes can be customized based on the use of the box. These can be printed with graphics and can be coated with shiny materials for a better look. These boxes are of both small and large sizes. Some boxes are made for luxuries like a coating of foam on the inside or an extra shiny surface. There is a wide range of customizations when it comes to Kraft Pillow Box also. Custom Pillow Packaging made up of Kraft and Kraft paper can be customized easily nowadays. These customizations give life to the product inside by becoming a part of the product.

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