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Nodejs developers: What You Should Consider Before Hiring For Your Project?

Just like you want a team of talented and expert footballers to mark a win in a football game, you will need a team of experts when you want to design a website or an app. You cannot have a feature-rich, highly functional, and secure website or app without expert developers leveraging their expertise to offer you brilliant outcomes. 

NodeJS is an open-source, cross-platform, JavaScript runtime backend environment, which helps developers to build highly robust, scalable, and functional websites and applications. It enables event-driven programming for developers to create scalable servers, which, in turn, lead to rapid website development. 

You need to hire NodeJS developers to develop a website when the trouble starts. When you search the internet, many freelancers and companies offering NodeJS development services will come across. Still, not all of them are competent enough to help you achieve your business goals. 

You will be surprised to know that the tech giants such as Walmart, LinkedIn, GoDaddy, eBay, and many other brands are using NodeJS for developing server-side applications. Hence, hiring a NodeJS developer for your company is a huge task. For example, there is no guarantee that a developer with superior JavaScript knowledge will know everything about asynchronous programming and database management. You need to check other skills before hiring NodeJS developers are error handling: code streamlining, and others. 

You have to consider many things before hiring NodeJS developers for your project. In this post, we will discuss some of these key considerations to ensure that you end up choosing the right, expert NodeJS developers

What are the responsibilities of a NodeJS developer?

First of all, we need to learn some of the responsibilities of a NodeJS developer. Let’s check out. 

  • A developer must be well-versed in data exchange between the servers and the users. 
  • Also, he must know about server-side development logic and central database management. 
  • Also, he should be able to tackle front-end requests. 
  • He also must know about application security protocols and data protection. 
  • He must have adequate knowledge of database queries and front-end transactions. 

Questions to ask a NodeJS developer before hiring

Are you skilled with application monitoring tools and how to use them?

If you are a developer or tester, you must know what APM tools are and how they contribute to website development. They are great at reducing performance issues, preventing service downtimes, and solving memory leaks. You need to ensure that the NodeJS developer you hire is well-versed with multiple APM tools and how to use them to make informed decisions for your project. They also should select the right tools for your project to improve scalability and development speed. These APM tools have many functionalities and features, and choosing the right one is a challenge. 

Do you know about the front-end stack? 

You might ask why a NodeJS developer should know the front-end as they are mostly handling the application’s backend. Having some elementary knowledge of front-end tools and technologies is a must. NodeJS developers with some basic front-end understanding will be able to modify the code to meet user expectations and also will be able to collaborate seamlessly with other team members. 

Ask the developer whether they know about HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and other front-end frameworks, along with libraries such as React and JQuery. 

Are you well-versed with different test runners and tools?

Due to the immense popularity of NodeJS, there is a wide range of test tools and technologies available, specially developed for NodeJS. Not only the NodeJS developer should have expertise in handling these testing tools, but he should also be able to choose the right set of tools based on the NodeJS project and its complexities, types, and requirements. An expert NodeJS developer knows which tools to use for a particular project with all the risks. He should design a testing strategy that works and yields superior results. The testing frameworks are Mocha, Jasmine, Jest, and Ava. 

Have you used alternative Package Managers in the past?

One of the strong sides of NodeJS is these open-source packages that developers use frequently. When you use these packages, you don’t have to rewrite code for a project, leading to faster website development. These packages can be handled with package managers, and the developer you hire must be well-versed with these package managers and how to use them. The default package manager for NodeJS is NPM. Ensure that the developer knows how to use NPM. Another alternative for NPM is Yarm which installs packages faster than NPM. 

Are you well-versed with various ORM tools? 

An Object Relational Mapping library helps developers map between objects and different databases. Now, the issue is each database has its methodology to access data. That is where ORM comes into the picture. It will help a developer maintain the objects when sources change. 

Different ORM tools that NodeJS developers use frequently are BookShelf, Sequelize, and Mongoose. 

Are you well-versed with cloud platforms? 

This is the era where cloud technology is preferred to store data than local servers. Hence, a developer must deploy web applications on the cloud platform. Some popular cloud platforms are Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Heroku, etc. Ensure that NodeJS developers you hire are well-versed with using these multiple cloud platforms. 


That is all. Hiring NodeJS developers will take time, but it is highly recommended that you take your time and choose the best one who has an in-depth understanding of the technology and has completed many NodeJS development projects successfully in the past. Take your time and choose the best one for your project. 

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