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Most Effective Method for Recovering Data from Crashed Hard Drive

It’s a very difficult situation to deal with hard drive data loss. Nowadays, a hard drive has a lot of storage capability, and losing it demands computer hard drive recovery near your locality. Like other electrical devices, the damage to the hard drive leads to severe data loss.

The best part of the newest tech-friendly world is there are many ways for data recovery. Whether it’s a crashed hard disk or manually deleted, your data can be recovered easily.

In this blog, we will discuss the most common and effective ways to facilitate recovering data from damaged drives.

Solution For Crashed Hard Disk Recovery

Download a software 

There are many ways for hard disk data recovery, but first, we will discuss the professional way. You can opt for data recovery software to save necessary documents. When you format or repair the hard disk, all the important stored data will be erased. So it’s important to use software to recover important documents.  

Basically, you will have an empty hard disk. So, to avoid this, you must go for hard disk data recovery software. But the problem is the market is full of hundreds of software so which is the best? 

You need to find out the software as per your requirements. Moreover, one more alternative that is data recovery services in Singapore or your locality. It will be easier and save your efforts. However, sticking to the top-rated software will save you time. Also, it will allow you to recover documents, audio, videos, multimedia files, including images.

While choosing a software, you will get some features such as:

  • It will be easier to recover data from external or internal disk, Pc, laptop, USB flash disks, SD cards, and other devices.
  • You will get safe to use the software.
  • Moreover, the software enables the recovery of any kind of file.
  • You will get a recovery mode that saves your efforts and time with a deep and quick scan.

How to use the software? 

Firstly download recovery software on your Mac or PC. With the help of a cable, you can connect a crashed hard drive to the system. Now, select the external hard disk, then click on the “Start” button.

Once software starts scanning, you will see a progress bar indicating the entire scanning process.

After this, you will see all the available scanned files for recovery. Now, it will be easier to select a file and overview before recovery. To have the important files back, click on the recovery option. Later the software may ask for the location where you need to restore the retrieved documents.

Top Reasons Of Hard Drive Crash

The hard disk crash causes vary in many situations. Basically, there are no particular reasons behind the hard disk crash. It could be a physical error or a logical error. So, you need to understand the reasons for SD card data recovery or crashed hard disk recovery. But, these can be prevented with a bit of handling and care. Take an overview of the leading causes:

Physical Errors

Power Surge

Mainly UPS doesn’t provide an exact power supply. But sometimes it delivers high power and sometimes very low power. Generally, it occurs because of an interruption in electricity flow or while using an unreliable power source.

Overheating issue

It is the most common issue found in many devices. It occurs because of CPU fan, zero ventilation, high voltage power, or rising temperature. Due to the heat, the system hard disk fails.

Improper Handling

When you improperly use the hard disk, it leads to damage or crash. The reason could be spilling liquid on it or dropping it down.

Logical Errors

System or file errors

If you shut down the computer improperly, the laptop or PC will indicate files errors. It will prevent you from accessing the important files on your hard drive.

Virus attack 

A virus and malware attack easily corrupts or disables the hard disk. The virus could be man made or from the system. 

Mechanical failure 

Mainly mechanical failure occurs because of malware and other virus attacks, bad sectors, moving parts, no power supply, etc., which leads to data corruption or hard disk failure.


You might have seen the topmost method for recovering data from a hard disk. Well, connecting to a hard disk data recovery Singapore is another way after software downloading. This will help you in SD card data recovery or hard drive recovery.

Still, have any doubts? Please contact us by the comment section. 

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