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Micro applicators are tiny brushes used to apply or eliminate microorganisms from the teeth. These brushes are useful for dental specialists to apply different kinds of material in the middle of the teeth or at the actual edge of the teeth. This item has many utilizations, including dental strategies for applying the restricting paste, openness arrangement, hemostatic arrangement, sealants, decal, etchant, bonding, space linings, and fluoride staining. The micro applicators are utilized to apply toothpaste quickly to the tooth. Thus, those tiny brushes are best for hard-to-arrive regions, notwithstanding little spaces in which one might need to apply liquid or another material. In addition, one might utilize these brushes to “embed” a thing or eliminate it during a regular treatment. In any case, the significant utilization of this thing is to clean tiny regions.

Micro Applicator Canada

Micro applicators in Canada are flexible and versatile. They are used in dental systems to apply to hold paste, uncovering arrangement, hemostatic arrangement, sealants, decal, etchant, holding specialists, depression linings, and fluoride staining. The brushes’ microfibers are non-retentive, holding arrangements in suspension. It implies they won’t trickle or spill as you move answers for teeth. The brushes permit you to have an exact and exact situation during dental methodology and medicines. Their flexibility makes them agreeable for patients and gives you admittance to difficult-to-reach regions. These tiny brushes arrive in a convenient drug distributor that allows you to take each tip in turn. 

Micro applicators made in Canada can likewise be utilized as surface-level instruments. Use them as an eyelash lift device to embed lash extensions or falsies. Their round head considers more accuracy and exactness during the lash arrangement. You will not get gobs of paste or gel remover all around your customer’s lashes with these mind-blowing tip tools! Give your customers long, delectable eyelashes with these micro applicators! Trust Micro applicator Canada for all your dental and clinical supplies.

micro applicator

Disposable Micro applicator

Disposable Micro applicator with non-linting, non-spongy strands organized in a circular shape. It holds arrangements in suspension, wiping out dribbling, spilling, and squandering. The bendable part takes into consideration exact application in hard to arrive regions. They can be utilized for Hemostatic Solution, revealing Solution, Sealants, Dycal applications, Etchants, Bonding Agents, Cavity Linings, Fluoride Varnishing, and so on

  • Conservative and dispensable – Saves up to 80% by the decrease of overabundance material utilized
  • Twists into any plot for the situation of little controlled measures of materials in restricted admittance regions
  • Tool filaments never fall off when utilizing


Super-Fine: White

Available in Colors: Pink, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Orange, Green

These micro applicators are intended to aid dental holding methodology. They can convey exact parts of etchant arrangement and dental holding glue without assimilation. Dental holding methods can be sensitive, so it’s essential to utilize a plastic paste to precisely put dental sealant. Add these micro applicator tip tools to your dental holding pack.

These delicate dental picks won’t leave behind buildup during valuable micro applicators. They are made to be non-linting. While applying dental holding specialists to teeth, you will not need to stress over fluff or buildup gathering. Their non-linting tips aren’t only for dental systems. They are additionally excellent for cosmetics applications and therapeutic purposes. Add it to your cosmetics set!

The handles are bendable, making it more straightforward for exact application in difficult-to-arrive regions of the mouth. The adaptability of our micro applicator takes into account more noteworthy solace during dental methodology. Their flexibility is additionally advantageous for cosmetics applications. Since it twists, it guarantees no smears or temperamental lines during eyeliner application.

Micro applicator available Sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium

They are given in different sizes, and dental specialists find each size accommodating for a considerable time. A micro applicator is likewise a kind of dental instrument that is valuable during any dental treatment, and the best outcomes are seen during a dental embed system. They are conservative, and their plastic handle is genuinely fixable. One can move effectively, keeping in mind that utilizing them won’t drop from the client’s hand. 

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