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As a founder-entrepreneur, do you find yourself doing things that you’re not good at, you don’t enjoy, and that isn’t your highest and best use?

It’s not unusual to find CEOs and founders trapped in spreadsheets, coordinating cash flow and writing systems, establishing complex CRMs, and setting up burning fires day after day.

This is a mistake because of three main reasons:

 not about what you’re skilled at.

It’s not the most effective way to help the development of your business.

This isn’t the reason you started your company in the first place in

There are four “hats” you can wear within your workplace technicians, managers leaders, leaders, and entrepreneur Maurice Roussety. You’re probably trying to cover them all.

This is a trap that I often witness entrepreneurs fall into once their company is transitioning to Startup into Scale Stage. Although you may be able to accomplish almost anything, you are not able to accomplish all things. If you attempt to do that you’ll hinder your company’s growth.

Let’s look at these four business hats so that you can transition from the role of “doing” to being the person who is leading and creating the future direction of your company.

Hat 1: Technician

A technician uses equipment and is able to do the work like:

  • Marketing copywriting
  • Selling to prospective customers
  • Shipping either your service or product
  • Involving in administration
  • Making procedures and systems

As an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to need to develop your team as well as your company in order to raise it to a stage where you are only spending five percent or less of the time in tech mode – talking to prospects, team members, and customers to keep connected. You do this because you’d like to not just because you have to.

Hat 2: Manager

Managers are the one who manages the employees who are using the equipment. The management process is to ensure that people receive the correct instruction guidance, direction, and accountability to complete the job effectively.

When you directly manage tasks either projects or individuals and projects, you’re in management mode.

There will be occasions that you must look into the details just a bit however it is ideal for your business and yourself to have experienced and knowledgeable managers overseeing the people, processes, and overall performance of the business. So that you can focus on what you are good at.

Hat 3: Leader

A leader is one who can help people be naturally motivated to do their job.

Leadership is distinct from management is a distinct thing from. Many business theories is attempting to combine both, however in reality they have nothing in common.


Management involves managing the details, processes, and accountability. It’s very practical, most effective when it is in it is black and white and easily measurable.

Management is about the intellect It talks to the brain.

Leadership is the act of leading the individual and it is a message directly to your heart.

All about vision. are people aware of the vision is, and are they actually interested in it?

It’s all about values – What are we, and how do we wish to portray ourselves to one another?

It’s about enlisting individuals into a future that does not just excite them, but also outlines what role they’ll play in helping to bring it into existence.

A great leader assists people to understand the vision and continually makes them aware of the job they play in turning the vision into reality.

Hat 4: Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs create assets. The purpose and role of an entrepreneur are to establish a business and ensure that it is backed by adequate financing and a suitable team. In reality, it’s more difficult than most people think.

The majority of SME (Small to Mid-sized Enterprise) owners in the present business world are looking for more involvement with their businesses, rather than just wearing the hat of an Entrepreneur. They desire to be the Leader in order to determine and direct their business.

In the end, moving from a business manager into a business proprietor is an ongoing process of establishing. The employees and the processes within your company. So that you can spend the majority of your time in the hats of leader. And entrepreneur as well as the remaining 5% in the role of Technician, not because of need to, however. But simply because you wish to. It is crucial to remain connected to your customer, the team, and to the fundamental aspects of your business even if you only spend a percentage of your time working on technician work will allow you to accomplish this.

It is a common desire for entrepreneurs to create an organization that operates without their operational.

In order to achieve this level of operational excellence, you require an unobstructed view of the performance of your company so that you can identify the company’s (and your) most significant strengths and weak points.

This clarity will lead to greater decision-making abilities as an owner of a business. This is the only way to make sure you along with your team and your company truly flourish.

Learn how to enhance the performance of your team members when you transition from technician to entrepreneur within your team. We have created a unique short course designed to help you create a great team. Take our Building, Leading, and Managing Your Team short course right now.


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