Linux VPS Hosting- A Complete Guide to Know the Basic Details

Do you want to build a website for your e-commerce business? But you don’t know how? Which hosting should you select? No worries! Refer to this guide to understand why you must choose Linux VPS hosting for your website. Also, get details of the most reliable service provider offering cheap VPS hosting in India.

Linux VPS hosting is an excellent alternative to traditional shared hosting or growing your business from your home computer or laptop into something more widely available.  It means growth, scalability and reliability for your web presence. If you want to move your website to a host with a Linux operating system, you don’t know where to start. Don’t worry. This article will help you understand the basics of Linux VPS hosting. We will also describe what you should consider when choosing your web host to make an informed decision after reading this guide.

Linux VPS Hosting- A Brief Introduction

VPS is an abbreviation for a virtual private server. This type of hosting allows individual users to run their operating systems, and it is necessary for software packages that are built on Linux servers, such as WordPress. Since VPS enables users to run an operating system, it is particularly well suited for web applications requiring scalable resources and unrestricted administration.

Linux is one of the most widely used operating systems used to run web servers, and it is differentiated from Windows and macOS by its open-source licensing, which means it’s free to use and modify. A virtual private server (VPS) refers to a virtual machine that is not in isolation but part of a larger computer network to share some of the physical hardware items. This increases the overall efficiency of the servers and infrastructure in use by using server space more efficiently.

How Does Linux VPS Hosting Work?

Linux VPS hosting is hosting that uses virtualization technology. This method splits a single physical server into multiple virtual servers. It’s done with the help of a “hypervisor”. A hypervisor ensures that each virtual machine is fully contained with its operating system, applications and data files.  While a virtual server has an allocated amount of memory from the physical server, its processor speed may differ from the other virtual servers on the same physical server.

VPS hosting is a virtualization component of the traditional shared web hosting service. With VPS, users have a dedicated server at their disposal but share its resources with other accounts on one physical server. It’s a powerful tool that increases the functionality of a shared host and facilitates faster site loading, better performance and improved uptime.

Benefits of Linux VPS Hosting

If you want to save money, Linux VPS hosting is for you. A virtual private server can save you up to 40% of the cost of shared hosting options.

Linux VPS hosting is also great for advanced users who want to use their web hosting for running scripts that need root access. This type of hosting is best for people who need to install software that needs server-level access. Using VPS hosting, you get the option to switch locations, change kernel versions/configurations, update your OS whenever you want, and even reboot your server without any downtime. Following are some of the key benefits of using a Linux VPS host.

  • Higher Performance
  • Better Security
  • Less Downtime

Which Service Provider is the Cheap VPS Hosting in India?

Linux VPS hosting is the most popular web hosting service for developers, programmers, and website owners. It is developed to offer customers extensive functionality. VPS hosting provides the ability to install software of your choice on the server without affecting other users. If you are looking for cheap VPS hosting India, look no further than Go4Hosting.

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution tailored to your Linux VPS hosting needs? Go4hosting offers highly secure and premium hosted infrastructures, delivering high-performance solutions at competitive prices. Following are some benefits that you will get after selecting Go4hosting to get cheap VPS hosting in India.

99.95% Guaranteed Uptime

The service provider offers top-notch server infrastructure and a robust network to support your website or business no matter what time of the day or night. With MeitY’s 4 Data Centers in India, the service provider ensures 99.95% guaranteed uptime. Thus, it’s easy to scale your infrastructure with your hosting needs, even during peak hours.

Lightning Speed

Everyone these days is looking for the fastest hosting service available. With more businesses online than ever before, it’s essential to provide the best possible service without delay. Get the maximum throughputs and fastest response time with India’s most trusted hosting service provider in India. Focus on growing your business, not on maintaining your data.

Easy Management

Working with a premium managed hosting provider that offers a variety of virtual private server (VPS) plans is a great deal. With Go4hosting, you efficiently manage your servers from a user-friendly web console. Our team helps you configure a VPS server and enables you to run the service in optimal condition. We ensure professional management of your servers with our easy-to-use console features and APIs for full root access to the Linux VPS servers.

Intershield Security

When you’re running a business online, your website must be secure. Your site is valuable to you. Thus, it’s essential to keep website security at the topmost priority. We use a high-security server with 6 security zones, and your data passes through multiple security zones before it is passed on to the next zone. The result? High-speed data transfers and unmatched levels of web security.


Linux is a safe and reliable OS with tons of tools, programs and different servers you can use. Unfortunately, its servers are not as popular as Windows ones. However, there are reasons why people use them despite all the clients working with Windows OS.  Linux web hosting has a lot of benefits for a person with SMEs and large scale enterprises.

Are you confused while choosing a new Linux VPS hosting package? Contact Go4Hosting and get the solution to your questions and confusion related to the Linux VPS server.

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