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kumkumadi Oil For Skin

One effective Kumkumadi Tailam facial oil is vedaoils’s Kumkumadi Miraculous Beauty Fluid Night Serum. It is prescribed in Ayurveda for glowing complexion and even skin tone, among many other Kumkumadi Tailam uses and benefits.

How to Use Kumkumadi Oil: Three Simple Steps

Below are three steps to use Kumkumadi oil in the form of our Kumkumadi Oil-based night serum. Follow this regime to brighten and treat dull, pigmented, damaged, and aging skin.

1. Pre-Oiling

Firstly, Begin with cleansing your face as usual at night. After cleansing, dampen your skin with Pure Rose/Mogra/Lavender/Vetiver water.

2. Facial Oiling

Secondly, Take (2-3 drops) of Kumkumadi Night Serum on your palm, apply over the face with fingertips and gently massage onto the skin until fully absorbed.

3. Post-Oiling

Thirdly, Allow the Kumkumadi Night Serum to work overnight for the best results. Wash it the next morning with a mild natural cleanser.

What is Kumkumadi Tailam Made Of – Top Oil Ingredients

Kumkumadi Tailam is prepared from a herbal paste of over 21 herbs. Almost all the Ayurvedic herbs useful for skin are used as Kumkumadi oil ingredients. For instance, These ingredients are first made into a decoction. Then, sesame oil is added as the base oil to absorb the potent energy of the herbs.

Here, let’s have a look at the Kumkumadi Tailam benefits provided by each of these ingredients.

1. Kumkumadi Oil For Skin Brightening

The most well-known ingredient of Kumkumadi Tailam is Saffron (Keshara), which is fabled for its ability to transform your skin tone. By rejuvenating the skin cells and promoting blood circulation, it brightens the complexion. Saffron in Kumkumadi oil

Another ingredient with the same function is Sandalwood (Chandana) derived from the fragrant wood of the Sandalwood tree. also It contains skin-lightening agents with soothing properties that make the oil suitable for application even in summers.

If you want to use Kumkumadi Tailam for skin whitening or brightening, you can rely on these ingredients to naturally bring out a glowing complexion.

2. Kumkumadi Oil For Healing from Skin Infections

Kumkumadi Tailam uses are not limited to skin brightening. If you’ve any skin conditions like blemishes or certain kinds of bacterial or fungal infections, you can heal them naturally by using Kumkumadi Oil.

The oil gets its antifungal properties from Lac (Laksha). It’s derive from the resinous secretion of lac insects and proves extremely useful in treating skin infections. Along with Lac, many other Ayurvedic ingredients present in the oil help in skin healing.

Derived from a perennial climber growing in the Himalayas, Indian Madder (Manjistha) provides antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. In other wordsExtracts from Sappan Wood or Indian Redwood (Pattanga) and Pollen of Lotus flower (Kamala Keshara) give Kumkumadi Tailam healing properties and treat conditions like skin inflammation.

3. Kumkumadi Oil for Treating Pigmentation and Discolouration

One of the most critical functions of Kumkumadi Oil is in treating discoloration and pigmentation of the skin. A natural skin lightening Ayurvedic ingredient, Licorice root extract (Madhuyashtika) in Kumkumadi Oil inhibits the enzyme that causes pigmentation in response to sun exposure. It also helps in diminishing the dark pigmentation resulting from scars.

Wild Himalayan Cherry (Padma), Leaves of the Banyan tree (Nyarodhna), and Vetiver roots (Usheera) present in Kumkumadi Tailam are other Ayurvedic herbs that are effective in brightening the complexion and treating skin discoloration revealing a smoother, younger-looking complexion.

These ingredients make Kumkumadi Oil a popular Ayurvedic medicine for hyperpigmentation. Dark spots, a common condition associate with skin pigmentation, can also be treat naturally by using Kumkumadi Thailam. However, if you’re looking for getting rid of tan from all over your body, then Nalpamaradi Thailam is recommende.

4. Kumkumadi Oil for Regulating Oiliness

Do you have oily skin? Are you worry that using Kumkumadi Tailam as a facial oil will make your skin even more oily? While many facial oils are not suitable for oily skin, also it has unique ingredients that are appropriate and also beneficial for oily skin!

Take, for instance, Indian Barberry (Kaliyaka) present in it. The herb is known for its ability to reduce the production of skin lipids (or sebum). also This ingredient makes the oil perfect for unclogging pores, taming oily skin, and preventing acne.

Firstly,The extract from the seed of Blue Lotus (Neelotpala) is also present in the oil. This extract is a natural moisturizer that results in glowing skin by balancing oiliness and preventing breakouts. For Instance Not only this, the musky scented Mahua (Madhuka) flowers used to prepare the oil provides it with cooling properties and the functionality as a skin toner.also

However, note that just using just one or two drops of the oil is enough when you’re using it for oily skin type.

5. Kumkumadi Oil for Hydration and Moisturization

Kumkumadi Tailam is perhaps the most hydrating and nourishing facial serum that you can choose for your skin.

Secondly,Do you know why? It’s because a concoction prepared from 10 powerful Ayurvedic roots from plants like Bael and Indian Trumpet Flower,  also known as Dashamool, is present in Kumkumadi Oil. Due to this, the oil is effective in treating excessive dryness of the skin. Next, let’s clear a few of the most common questions around the oil.

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