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Kolkata House Design – Everything That You Might be Interested to Know

Fondly called the ‘City Of Joy’, Kolkata city is one of the most affordable cities in the world to live in. The living cost here is equal to that in Delhi or Bangalore even though the living in Kolkata is higher. Kolkata house design is unique and allows you to enjoy cozy living. The houses here are designed in such a way that they are environment-friendly, allow natural light to flood in during the day, and offer a comfortable lifestyle. All houses here reflect the aesthetics and culture of Kolkata. The houses and streets of Kolkata throw light on the history of this place. Just like the people of Kolkata, the houses here are also lovable and vibrant. 

Features of the Houses in Kolkata

Along the densely packed streets of the city, no two houses stand the same. Some of the salient features of the houses here include-

  • Central courtyards
  • Oxide-red floors
  • Large windows
  • Intricate motifs
  • Patterned openings
  • Venetian or French-style window panes

Features of the Rooms in the Houses here

Just like the houses, the rooms and furniture in the houses are also unique and special.

  1. The rooms have high ceilings and classical pillars.
  2. The windows of the rooms are wooden-slatted.
  3. The rooms have antique mahogany or Burma teak furniture.
  4. The floor lamps add much charm to the space.

 It is noticed that a lot of Kolkata’s architecture and Kolkata house design is influenced by European structures. Open terraces, colored properties, spacious porches, red-oxide floors, green windows, wrought iron grilles, etc hint at the fact that the design of the houses here is influenced by that of European countries. These houses give the city its unique old-world charm and also reflect the mind-blowing architectural ethos of the city. Many interior designers around the world take inspiration from the interiors and designs of the houses in Kolkata.

A Take on the Mansions here

The mansions in Kolkata are different from the apartments here. They are spacious and quite large. They are designed in such a way that they offer enough space for multiple generations to live together and host gatherings of extended families. But such mansions require regular maintenance. 


Kolkata house design and old buildings not only bring nostalgia that surrounds them but also represent a certain time in history. The architecture of Kolkata should be preserved well so that it attracts tourists as well as calls more people to live here. This will bring more revenue here which is at the end of the day required for the renewal of the city. No city has been fortunate enough to still hold on to its heritage but Kolkata sets an example here. Each house of the city speaks of its culture and throws a pleasant vibe. And, No matter how crowded the city is, residing in Kolkata has a charm of its own. You will be glad to know that house rent in Kolkata is also very affordable and finding a similar rental property somewhere else is nearly impossible. 


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