Know More About SharePoint Features and Benefits

SharePoint is a business platform that is integrated into an organisation’s business plan. It enables the sharing and exchanging of documents, calendars and other items. That are specified by the business or users with other individuals who are authorized to do so.

SharePoint helps businesses process their information in a more streamlined and effective manner and this helps increase productivity, enhance customer service, and increase sales. SharePoint 2021 was released to the market approximately four years ago. It has quickly become one of the most popular platforms used by companies around the world. There are several reasons as to why SharePoint is so popular among businesses and why it is used in conjunction with Microsoft Office.

Key Features of SharePoint

One of the key features of SharePoint is the functionality of Intranet which integrates the intranet and the web, which allows for collaborative document sharing, file storage and collaboration. SharePoint consists of two main components: the content management system (CMS), and the business content administration (BDA).

SharePoint also offers business content management solutions. It allow users to manage all aspects of their web based business through centralized store, business processes, content administration and authoring tools. The features provided by SharePoint make it very versatile, enabling collaboration between multiple devices, multiple platforms and from remote locations. Prakash Software Solutions Pvt Ltd provides SharePoint development services in USA & India.


SharePoint offers many benefits to business processes and individuals such as the ability to create, share, edit and search documents. These document can be shared with other people either within a group or without needing to send files over the network. SharePoint allows for a centralisation of information that can be accessed from any device and from any computer.

This centralisation enables companies to control their business processes such as production planning, order execution, human resource allocation and supply chain management through a secure shared environment. SharePoint is designed to work seamlessly with Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. In fact, SharePoint apps can be used together with these programs allowing users to work more effectively.

Apart from these apps, SharePoint consists of four primary areas:

Centralized business data, Enterprise search and discovery, business intelligence and social media. The Centralized Business Data area of SharePoint consists of information such as company records, sales orders and financial data. These types of data are usually very sensitive and require highly secure storage, synchronization and access management.

Enterprise search and discovery apps simplify business collaboration by making it easier to locate people, tasks and contacts. The SharePoint Search and Discovery apps store documents in content management systems, which allow them to be found easily by all members of a team. Documents can then be shared using various apps, which allow users to collaborate and communicate with each other. The enterprise content management system also allows for the safe storage, indexing and retrieval of corporate information.

SharePoint Platform

SharePoint uses can be considered to be an internet collaboration platform. Because it enables businesses to have a secure shared environment, complete with apps and SharePoint functionality. However, while it is a web-based collaboration platform, users may not be able to access the files they own on other devices such as tablets or smart phones.

SharePoint also offers additional features, which allow users to work more efficiently. One such additional feature is the SharePoint Business Intelligence. This allows employees to use their existing apps to help them perform better, while sharing documents with other colleagues through the web.

Final Words

Another advantage of sharepoint is that it allows people to more efficiently work together in real time. SharePoint allows people to share data from various sources including e-mail, instant messaging, text, images, video and others. Also, read about technology related posts here.

This helps organizations to manage multiple sources of input in a cohesive manner. Furthermore, people can more easily share documents, work plans, notes and other items.

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