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Is it scary to be awake during wisdom teeth removal?

wisdom teeth removal is back molars that occur in the mouth of teenagers. The expert dentist of Daher clinic claims wisdom teeth appear at the age of 16-22. Most of the time Wisdom teeth extraction is required to remove molars. 

Why Wisdom Teeth Removal and Sedation is required

Wisdom teeth sometimes cause pain and irritation in the mouth. Therefore, the dentist recommends removing it, 

Below are the reasons for which removal becomes compulsory

  • The appearance of wisdom teeth in the wrong angle
  • Crowded teeth, where the mouth does not have enough space to accommodate molars
  • Cavities 

You may think if you get up during the surgery what will happen. The answer is not that easy and it depends on different factors such as your mindset, your mouth, and your wisdom teeth as well. In case your wisdom teeth are impacted, you might need more sedation before the teeth extraction surgery.

Below are the levels of Anaesthesia given by dentists before the teeth removal surgery

Local Anaesthesia

If you have gone through any dental procedure before the removal of wisdom teeth, you might need local Anaesthesia. You might wake up during the procedure but local Anaesthesia will ensure you wound not feel any pain. Although you feel, some pressure but it would not hurt you. Dentists will inject Anaesthesia in your gum around teeth. It will take a few minutes and then the area of surgery will be ready.

Sedation Anaesthesia

Sedation Anaesthesia is another medicine/injection dentists use to numb the area. The medicine is effective and you will not feel any pain even if you are awake during surgery. Usually, dentists combine it with local Anaesthesia and inject it in the vein to ensure the procedure does not cause pain.

General Anaesthesia

If the patient’s teeth are, impacted the dentist will use general anesthesia before the teeth extraction surgery. It ensures you sleep completely during the procedure and does not remember what happened. General anesthesia is a bit powerful so you cannot go home soon after the procedure. Once you wake up dentist evaluates your condition and allows you to go home. 

Before the teeth removal surgery, consult with your dentist to find out what type of anesthesia will be better for you.  Dentists will not only help you in suggesting ideal anesthesia but recommend you some tips after the surgery as well.

After Surgery 

Soon after the surgery patient walks up and the dentist has to evaluate his condition. Some people might feel dizzy because of local anesthesia. However, others might feel ok and drive home easily. The expert dentists of Daher clinic revealed that often patients go to the office instead of going home soon after the surgery. Often people feel no pain and some might feel moderate pain and irritation in the jaw. Your mouth requires 10-21 days for proper healing.

In case you want to recovery quickly follow the below instructions 

  • Apply the ice packs on the area of surgery to reduce the swelling and pain
  • In case your jaw is sore, you should use moist heat
  • Avoid chewing hard candies and eat soft food such as rice, pasta, soap, etc.
  • Use plenty of fluids to stay hydrated 
  • Start brushing on the second day avoid brushing the blood clots 
  • In case swelling does not reduce by applying the ice packs, you should use anti-biotech prescribed by the dentists to eliminate the pain and discomfort
  • In case, the above precautions do not show any improvement call your dentists and seek immediate medical care. 

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