iPhone Screen Repair: How Much Does It Cost?

Apple products have become some of the most popular devices among consumers and entrepreneurs over the last decade. People, on the other hand, often drop their phones and break their screens. While they aren’t impossible to repair, not everyone is aware of the iPhone screen repair cost.

All new iPhones come with an Apple warranty. Once the phone is out of warranty, the issue of screen repair (and other types of repairs) becomes more pressing. Most iPhone users are perplexed by the several options for getting their device repaired.

Let’s look at all you need to know about how much it costs to fix an iPhone screen.

When Should An iPhone Screen Be Repaired?

In most cases, the necessity for mobile iPhone repairs stems from one of two causes. For example, because of incidents of accidental injury. Dropping the phone or brushing it against a rough surface can cause this. It’s possible that the display has been damaged, cracked, or scratched. 

The second reason is a flaw that develops over time or as a result of having fallen in the water. These are usually electronic faults that impact the phone’s internal components rather than the exterior surface. Returning to an authorised dealer/repairer for a fix in either scenario may necessitate huge cost and an extended period without your phone.

Apple Repair Versus Third-Party Repair

The cost of replacing the phone’s screen is relatively low for people who have Apple Care for their device. However, this form of coverage requires a monthly or upfront payment that and will typically exceed the iPhone screen repair cost.

Furthermore, this coverage is typically only good for two years. After that, the cost of repairing a broken screen skyrockets.

When considering both customers who have and do not have coverage, third-party repair firms charge less on average than Apple. In addition, they often take less time to finish the repairs.

However, some repair centres use low-quality glass while replacing screens, which is a disadvantage. As you may expect, even little water drops will ruin the replacement screen. In addition, if the glass on the rear of your iPhone is of inferior quality, damage to the screen may occur.  

Types of iPhones

The type of iPhone you have has a considerable impact on the cost of repair. In general, newer iPhones will be more expensive to repair than prior generations of iPhones.

While this is mainly due to larger screens on newer phones, there is a difference in screen quality between old and modern handsets. In reality, replacing the screen on an iPhone X or iPhone 11 will cost four to five times as much as repairing the screen on an iPhone 5.


Now that you have understood about iPhone screen repair cost, it’s time to move your attention. Now is the moment to make certain you choose the best screen repair service for the job.

But, with so many options, how can you be sure you have chosen the best one? First and foremost, make proximity a deciding factor. Second, spend some time reading Internet reviews from former customers. You may find out more about a company by Googling it or reading client testimonials on its website.

Make a list of questions to ask yourself while you browse through the customer reviews. Did the customers like the service they got? What was the turnaround time for the iPhone screen repair? Was the representative knowledgeable and helpful?

You should also think about what kind of phone those past customers used. If they had an iPhone that needed to be fixed, it’s a good sign for your situation!

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