Importance Of Installing A Home Electric Vehicle Charging Point

Electric vehicles provide a number of advantages. They are significantly better for the environment, cost less to operate, and require little upkeep. However, there is sometimes a perception that they are inconvenient to run, which discourages individuals from doing so. In reality, nothing about it is particularly tough. When it comes to charging an electric vehicle, you have a few alternatives. You can charge it from the mains with an extension cord, at a public charging station, or at home with a charging station.

Electric car charger installations at home offer far more advantages than public charging stations. Overall, they are affordable, more convenient, and entirely safe if correctly placed. Here are some of the advantages of installing a home charging station.


Instead of purchasing battery electricity from a third party whenever you want it, you can pay a one-time cost for a domestic charging station and have infinite power from the same supplier that maintains your other home electric systems. . Even if your power bill rises slightly, you will still save money by avoiding trips to public charging stations.

It is simple to create your own low-cost home charging station. The price will range from $300 to $2000 depending on the type of charger you choose (Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3). It is critical to remember that the cost of your charger will be distinct from the cost of installation. When you buy an EV, it will include a Level 1 charger, but that will charge at a modest rate.

It is vital to hire an EV-certified operator to set up your home charger, particularly if you buy a Level 2 charger. The price of a home charger installation service can differ. These costs will eventually pay for themselves because you will not need to consume nearly that much battery from public charging stations.


A home EV charging point, based on its size, can charge your automobile from empty to full within 1 to 6 hours. This is far faster than power from the mains, which takes at least six hours. It is also faster than public charging unless you utilise a turbocharging point, which is not cheap.


An electric vehicle battery is no different than any other battery – charging it repeatedly will eventually damage how effectively it can hold a charge and degrade its efficiency. Charging it to almost full capacity whenever possible, instead of simply for an hour or two, maybe healthier for it in the long run and this will be simpler if you already have your own charging station.


Installing a home charging port, as opposed to relying on public charging stations, provides you with complete authority over when you charge your automobile. Charging outlets can be few in some parts of the UK, but if you’re not the first one in line, you may find yourself queuing for the person in front of you to complete charging. You may just plug it in and go about your business at home! Because most electric vehicles have a reach of 200-300 miles, Pod Point Home Charger will suffice for daily use, requiring you to simply charge it up at public charging stations on long trips.


For a multitude of reasons, charging at your home is significantly safer than charging in public. To begin with, public spaces are often riskier than home spaces. When you charge your electric vehicle in public, you are taking the same risks that you would if you parked your vehicle on the road or in a garage. There is always the possibility of it being vandalised, robbed, or damaged by natural forces such as storms, thunderstorms, lightning strikes, fires, and so on. By charging your EV at home, you protect both your EV and yourself.

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