How to prevent Gmail account from suspension?

Google takes care of all of its services and now this is the time of Gmail. This email service is used all over the world. The credit goes to a simple and intuitive interface that allows simple management. Most of the users have reported that their Gmail account has been suspended. This is because of security purposes as Google is very serious about their service privacy. If you are also a user who is stuck because of account suspension then, we are here with the exact procedure to prevent a Gmail account from suspension with just a few tips.

There are a few terms and conditions the users should know before using this email service. Google suggests a few things which will help to keep your account completely secure against the suspension. Let’s move ahead with them one by one.

Part 1- Know your Responsibilities

Read Service Terms- To use Gmail, you have to agree with the terms and abide by those terms to keep your account secure against the suspension. Understand your rights and responsibilities to use this service.

Stick with Google Service Terms- Your Gmail account allows you to access other Google services like Google+, YouTube, Sheet, and many more like this. It means if you avoid following such terms then, you won’t be able to access this linked service as well.

Limit Mail Recipients- Gmail sets the limit for a single person to send a single email and if you attempt to exceed that limit then your account might be suspended. The account might be disabled temporarily if you send the same message to 100 recipients once.

If you have a business account and sending a single message to 100 people is mandatory then, use Google Groups. Else, use Google Apps for Business if you have to communicate with a large group of people.

Ensure to enter the correct email address- When you send emails, ensure that you are using the correct email address of the recipient. The Gmail account might be suspended if you send a mass number of undeliverable messages.

Take care of Message Size Limit- A personal Gmail account has 15GB of free storage to send emails or 300GB for work or school accounts. Make sure that your attached file doesn’t exceed 25 MB

Never Send Spam- It includes not sending messages to an unknown person, not sending junk emails, not forwarding chain mail, not sending spam emails. If someone reports you as spam, then Google will suspend your account.

Tips to avoid being reported

  • Choose an inoffensive nickname, a sensible and meaningful email address, and name
  • Always be considerate and respectful, so that no one can report you for violating service terms and conditions

Part 2- Procedures to Follow

If your Gmail account has suspended then, you have to move ahead with the procedures which are mentioned below.

Conduct Account Verification- Just after creating a Gmail account; make sure to check the account either by SMS, with another email, or with a Voice Call. It will tell Google that you are the owner of that account want to use the service for a genuine reason.

Enter Correct Birthday Details- To use Google Account, you should be at least 13 years old. Never lie on the birthday or age as it can result in the account being suspended if Google recognizes that you are below 13.

Account Security- To stay prevented from hackers and strangers, never share your account password or sensitive information. Not even note your password on any paper and choose a tough password that includes numbers, symbols, and letters. Don’t use the same password for multiple accounts and change the passwords from time to time. Never forget to sign out of your account from an unknown device.

Access Account Regularly- Gmail accounts will delete automatically after 9 months of inactivity. So it is recommendable to sign in to your account to stay prevented against it.

Part 3- Avoid Illegal Activities

Never Use Gmail Account for Illegal Actions – Google will delete or suspend your Gmail account if you have done any illegal dealings with your mail account. Illegal activity includes anything from sending copyright to selling illegal videos or images, goods or services, or blackmailing.

Never Bully or Harass by Email – Well, it is a well-known tip as no one does it at all. In case, if you use your Gmail account to send threatening or harassing messages then, Google will suspend your account. Not only this, but this service also can terminate your account.

Never Use Your Account for Fraud, Phishing, or Hacking – Sending viruses using your account to hack other PCs, phishing, and using your email for fraud. These all are illegal and clear violations of the agreement terms of Gmail.

Let’s Wrap Up-

These are the exact things and tips which you should follow to keep your Gmail account prevented against the suspension. Also if you have attempted too many incorrect credentials your account will be suspended for a certain period of time. Contact Gmail UK to help for Google terms and to know the procedure to get access to your suspended account.

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