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How to play bingo? Types of bingo?

How to play bingo

Play bingo is a simple and fun game. Bingo can be played by anyone, anywhere.

When playing with an online casino you will have instant access to hundreds of other players whether they are at home or in the office.

All you need is to register an account & deposit money into it so that your chips are available for making bets on all games offered at the site.

However, before you start playing this game, there are some key elements that cannot be ignored while considering its rules and types due to being fundamental parts of it.

Types of bingo:

There are various types of bingo that players must understand while starting to play this game-


90 Ball Bingo- This is the classic game.

It has 90 numbers which are called balls, and players have to mark them off by calling out numbers as they pop up on the game board.  

The first player that gets five in a row, either across, down, or diagonally, will win the game. 

80 ball bingo– 80 ball bingo has eighty balls (numbers) printed on it.

As these numbers are printed twice on this card so you can mark two columns at the same time.

It helps to be faster if you want improved chances of winning. Sometimes these cards do come with five sections to make it easier for playing groups but you still may only use one line if you wish (multi-colored cards are most common) 

75 ball bingo- This is the most popular version.

It is also known as speed bingo because there are only 75 balls printed on each card so you have to mark three columns simultaneously.

Key elements of bingo:

Bingo is a game of chance, not skill.

You can play with your friends, family, or just by yourself when playing online bingo games at Bookieboost. 

Once the numbers are called they cannot be used again.

So it’s important to note what numbers have been drawn before you make any more choices for your card There will be a board behind the caller which let’s know which number has already been called. 

You get 90 seconds to mark your numbers after they are called out.

So it is necessary for you to write all the numbers on your bingo card before time runs out, otherwise, you will lose this game.

How to win bingo games?

After understanding the basics of playing bingo, it’s time to learn how to win these games-

The first key aspect required for winning is that you have sufficient knowledge about bingo strategies.

If you follow some strategy then only there’s a chance for you to win more games.

It’s also important that while playing online Bingo Games at Bookieboost, players must check their cards before the time expires.

There is the possibility that after time runs out, you may discover that you have not marked all the numbers called.

If there are any un-marked numbers on your card when the game finishes, at this time your card will be considered as a dead card & will not win anything.


Bingo is one of the most exciting games available online and it can be played for free or for money.

Even though luck plays an important role in reaching a successful result, knowing some basic rules for this game can help to improve the chances of winning bingo jackpots.

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