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How to maintain the misting system in winter?

Most people complain about the weather when the temperature rises. But you won’t even notice the hot weather when you use the misting system because the outdoor misting system strives to keep you cool throughout the whole summer. You will be enveloped in a relaxed and refreshing mist that can insulate the heat and cool the air to a comfortable level.

Many people retreat to comfortable indoor air conditioners as the summer heats up. Unfortunately, this meant that you missed the beautiful summer in outdoor space. Using an outdoor misting system, you can enjoy more time outside, breathe the fresh air, enjoy the scenery and sounds of nature, and truly make full use of the beautiful summer weather without overheating. When the weather is muggy, your friends want to enjoy the outdoor without being tortured by the heat of summer. The outdoor misting system can provide:

  • Provide a comfortable and calm environment.
  • Helping you to barbecue food in a good mood.
  • Hold pool parties or other parties in a cool climate.

If you installed an outdoor misting system and you are in a very high altitude and cold location. However, the cold weather is spreading to the world now. It’s time to consider putting it away to avoid a snowstorm or rainy day. Here are some valuable tips to keep your misting system through the winter to keep it in its best condition when you use it in summer next year.


Why does the misting system need special maintenance in winter?


The most considerable risk to outdoor misting systems is damage caused by icing in winter. When flowing water freezes in pipes or mist machines, it will cause pipe bursts and machine damage due to the physical reasons of thermal expansion and contraction. And stagnant water will also bring the risk of virus and mold growth. To ensure that the outdoor misting system is ready to restart generally in the summer, you need regular maintenance to ensure that it is approved for normal operation in the next few years.


How to maintain the misting system in winter?


  • Turn off the machine: Unplug the power supply and store the power cord safely. Move the mist machine indoors or use shelters to help it withstand blizzards and rain.
  • Draining water: To prevent mold, freezing, and bursts in the pipe from causing damage, you need to drain excess water from the misting tube and pump.
  • Check the pump oil: When the pump is maintained in winter, it is necessary to drain the oil and clean the water box. When the temperature rises, you need to inject the oil when using the pump again, but be careful not to overfill it. It would be best if you left some redundancy. After the first refueling, the pump can keep running for 50 hours. After use of it, you need to add oil every 400 hours.
  • Replacing the filter: The filter element needs to be replaced regularly, usually checked and replaced every 45 days. If you use a misting system with impaired water quality, it will cause the entire system to block. Checking the filter element ensures that the equipment can operate normally.
  • Remove the nozzle: The nozzle can be stored in a warm environment as a tiny part. Such as cabinets in the home, put them in a rigid box or container for storage to prevent freezing at low temperatures and ensure that they can survive the cold months safely.
  • Inject antifreeze: If you still need to use an outdoor misting system in winter, adding antifreeze is necessary. When the equipment is used, the antifreeze liquid is injected into the water tank, preventing the pipeline or equipment from expanding and cracking due to cold air and having excellent performances such as scale and corrosion resistance.

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