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How to Grow Sales from Amazon Campaigns to 7-figure Monthly Revenue

If you’re operating your own eCommerce Business and are looking to begin investing in online advertising There are a variety of options to pick among: Google, Facebook, and Amazon among other options.

If you’re selling products on Amazon and don’t have your own store or website, it’s likely that you’ll want to utilize Amazon ads.

If you’ve ever wanted to get involved to try out Amazon PPC , but don’t know where to begin then you’re in the right spot.

This guide is both a manual as well as a case study which is why we’ll guide you through everything you must learn about Amazon PPC and Best practices to use PPC ads on Amazon

What is Amazon PPC

Amazon PPC  is Amazon Ads, simple and straightforward. The phrase PPC is a reference on Pay Per Click, which means that advertisers pay a fee to Amazon for each time someone clicks their advertisement.

Why do you need to consider investing into Amazon PPC Campaigns ? In simple terms, it can help boost the exposure of your products and increase sales. If you’re looking to draw attention to your website and gain attention to it This is the point at which Amazon PPC comes in.

Amazon PPC Best Practices

1. Determine Your Goals

A lot of first-time advertisers jump straight into Amazon PPC, without taking the time to think about their objectives.

What is the significance of this? Your goal will determine the strategies you choose to employ, as well as how aggressive you’ll be in your bid.

If, for instance, you’re looking to increase brand recognition, then you could decide to place bids on certain keywords to get visibility. 

Because you’re not looking to increase sales or convert, the best strategy is to continue to run your advertisements, even if they’re not profitable for the immediate time frame.

2. Organize Your Campaigns

The more organized your advertising campaigns, the easier it is to improve your advertising and make the most of your money.

If you’re launching your first campaign using Amazon PPC, just start out by putting products that have the same keywords.

As you begin to launch ads on additional keywords, ensure that you keep your ads neat and tidy by arranging them according to the product’s category, brand top sellers, etc.

3. Experiment With Both Short And Long-Tail Keywords

For those who aren’t familiar:

  • Short-tail keywords are keywords that have at least one word or two
  • Long-tail keywords are keywords that have more than three words.

Both categories of keywords come with distinct pros and pros and.

Short-tail keywords are awash with hits and traffic, however they’re highly competitive and cost you a lot. Amazon Long-tail keywords on the contrary, receive lesser traffic. However, they’re less expensive and easier to rank for and are able to generate a significant number of conversions.

For advertisers who are new We recommend making use of a mixture of long and short-tail keywords, as well as studying your data to find out which keywords work best.

Amazon PPC Strategy for Beginners

New to Amazon PPC? Here’s a quick strategy you can apply to optimize your campaigns:

  • Step 1: Choose the ads you’d like to display
    • Sponsored Products
    • Sponsored Brands
    • Product Display Ads
  • Step 2: Determine the sites you would like to place ads on
    • In the beginning, you should make ads for your most-loved products.
  • Step 3: Ensure that your listings are optimized
    • Your listing should be informative and precise, and should be accompanied with lots of photos and reviews. Ad Badger offers a detailed guide on how to enhance your listing and boost the rank of your ads.
  • The fourth step is to calculate your desired ROAS and ACOS
    • ROAS = Return On Ad Spend, ACOS = Advertising Cost Of Sales. .
  • Phase 5: Begin advertising
  • Step 6: Monitor and optimize
    • Keep track of your key measures (ROAS, ACOS, click-through rate, conversion rate search term impressions, etc.) to improve the performance of your ads.

Growing In A Competitive, Crowded Market

In the purpose of this work, we collaborated with Ultra across a variety of campaign types on Amazon for this project, including:

  • Seller Central Sponsored Products
  • Headline Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Vendor Central Sponsored Products

#1: No Proper Bid Optimization

One of the major problems with Amazon PPC accounts is the inability to optimize bids properly.

In bidding identically across the board and limiting the possibility of bidding more aggressively for high-converting items. Also, they were hurting the total ACOS because they did not reduce bids for lower performing items.

You can now discern why this could be an issue. In the ideal scenario, you’d

  • Make more bids on high conversion products to increase your profit sales volume.
  • Reduce the bids for low-converting items to reduce the effect of a low conversion and make sure you get profitable sales from products that aren’t selling as well.

#2: Poor Search Term Management

One of the toughest tasks for Amazon PPC management software is managing search terms.

The daily task of ensuring that each ad group being displayed for profitable, relevant phrases is a tedious manual procedure.

#3: Poor Campaign Structure

In the ideal scenario there would be every product as a distinct kind of campaign. As we’ve mentioned before, if your Amazon PPC campaigns are messy and unorganized, it can make it difficult to make your campaigns more effective.

With this in mind, you must re-organize your advertisements and campaigns. This is an essential element in improving the Amazon ads’ performance.


If you’re an Amazon store owner and you’re not operating Amazon PPC ads, you’ll need to investigate this as soon as possible.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t create an online store, then just sit back and wait for your customers to miraculously find your shop. You must drive customers to your store by using PPC ads is the most effective method of doing that.

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